Man Gets What He Deserves After Letting His Dog Poop In Front Of Neighbor's House

If you do something bad to others, karma will definitely backfire and you will get what you deserve for your action. For example, as it happened with the neighbor of this Redditor, whose post in the pettyrevenge community has already gained about 2K upvotes and comments.

In the subreddit, the Reddit user u/SwiftieTrek wrote: "Let your dog poop in front of our house? Back to you." He then explained the man had a decade-old vendetta because his dog bit his daughter. He and his family offered to pay all bills, but they refused and even didn't let them bring the girl to the hospital.
"Context: this man has a decade-old vendetta because a late dog of ours bit his daughter when he bolted out the house in a fit of excitement. It never happened again, we offered to pay all bills (they refused), and even tried to bring the girl to the hospital (they didn’t let us)."

Source: CBC (not the actual photo)

OP and his family knew they were wrong and always felt guilty for this accident, so they just bit their tongues when this man did bad things to them.
"We knew we were in the wrong so we bit our tongues when this guy did a lot of shit against us. Poured used oil on our outdoor garden plants. Splashed paint on our dogs as they were sniffing at him through the underside a gate. Even threw poop at our door."
OP's family tried to ignore their neighbor's jerks, but they couldn't stand it anymore when the guy let out his dog and let him poop in front of their house. They had no choice but to take revenge on this asshole.
"But two weeks ago, my mom had enough. He let out his GSD (who charged our new pup before, a mild-mannered Lhasa/JRT) and let him poop all over in front of our house, brings back the dog inside their yard, and then drives away. So I sweep the shit, and places it right where he parks his car. And soon enough, when he comes back, he yells “Putangina tae!” (Son of a whore, poop!)"
After he shared his post on Reddit, everyone quickly responded. Most of them sided with him and even shared their own stories to support him.
One person commented: "I feel like if the other family in this scenario posted about this and their petty revenge everyone would be hyping them up lol."

Source: CBC (not the actual photo)

Another said: "They would have been hell to pay when he poured oil in my yard. You let that go?"
"Once you apologize and offered empathy and compensation, any revenge by that neighbor makes him the jerk. Shit happens, you tried to make it right and they apparently didn’t accept. Then they continued to vandalize your property multiple times. So he deserved his shit back, literally," the third commented.
The user RJack151 wrote: "Time to either retaliate for everything he does now, or get the authorities involved. Try to get him on film for proof."
One person who goes by the username Ralph--Hinkley shared: "I did the same to some neighbors we had a few years back. They had some giant mutt that they would just let outside to do his business. Thing was, he always did his business in our front yard. I mentioned it to them, and they pretty much shrugged it off, super classy people. Anyway the piles of shit were the size of a small molehill, so if I found one, I would get the shovel, scoop up all the shit, and leave it right in front of their door. I don't know how many times they stepped in shit before they finally got rid of the dog."
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