19 Interesting Beer Facts for Alcohol Enthusiasts

Alcohol has always played a vital part in social engagement and bonding. From pubs and restaurants to people's homes, alcohol is readily available. It's a popular way to meet new people, unwind, and even commemorate memorable milestones. It is regarded normal and harmless to drink alcohol on occasion or even a few times per week. Drinking socially is considered important component of American culture, although it has long been a feature of human civilization.
For many people, social drinking or moderate alcohol use is delightful. Sharing a drink is a great means to connect people from everywhere across the globe. Here are some facts that we have compiled that will surely interest all the alcohol enthusiasts out there. Be sure to follow our website for more content and share this on your social media. We would appreciate every help.

#1 Colt 45 was named after the Baltimore Colts, and not the gun by the same name

#2 The MLB told Cardinals' owner August Busch Jr. that he couldn't name their field "Budweiser Stadium." He did however use his family's name, and had them brew a beer after the fact. Hence Busch Beer and Busch Stadium

#3 In a blind taste testing, beer enthusiasts couldn't actually tell if a beer was poured from a can or a bottle

#4 April Fool's Day 2012, the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout was released. The beer is 7.5% ABV and contains roasted bull testicles

#5 Egyptians would hold what was known as the "feast of drunkenness." It was to commemorate beer saving humanity

#6 During WWII, the British built a floating brewery to keep soldiers' morale high

#7 Multiple breweries have created their own versions of 'The Simpsons' beer. Most were also met with lawsuits

#8 A town-crier was hired in Goslar, Germany to remind the townspeople not to poop or pee in the river the day before water was used for brewing beer

#9 Beer bottles are typically brown in order to keep out the sun and preserve the taste. However, after WWII brown glass was scarce so breweries switched to green instead

#10 Mainly in Britain, Isinglass (dried fish bladder) is used to clarify beer and wine

#11 The 'beer mile' is an event where runners drink a pint of beer at each quarter-mile marker

#12 During fasts, Medieval Monks would drink beer because it didn't "count as food"

#13 In 1985 an alcoholic hijacker drank all of the beer on a Norwegian plane and held the passengers ransom for more alcohol

#14 In multiple countries, kids leave out beer and other spirits for Santa Clause instead of milk and cookies

#15 Mari Lwyd is a Welsh Christmas tradition where a singing horse skull shows up at your house to determine if it can come inside and drink your beer

#16 It is impossible to drink beer in space, as it will turn to foam

#17 23 beer can tabs when traded in are worth 1 cent. A pound of tabs comes out to about 50 cents

#18 A goat in Valhalla was thought by Vikings to provide them with mead/beer directly from its udders

#19 Children in Wisconsin can legally drink at any age, as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian

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