20 Oddly Terrifying Things People Found

How can we surprise someone who spends so much time online? They've probably seen a lot of weird stuff. These images shouldn't be quite as terrifying as they are. It's sometimes difficult to pinpoint why, but they're very unpleasant. They have no right to be this frightening because they are regular objects. Nature, as well as everything we encounter in our daily lives, can be quite scary. We weren't anticipating strangely terrifying visuals to be a new type of cursed image. Despite this, there's something about them that makes us want to keep scrolling till our eyes hurt and we're scared to sleep tonight.
Here are 20 spooky things (or shall we say, oddly terrifying) people stumbled across that might give you the heebie-jeebies.

#1 Wild turkeys walking in a circle around a dead cat in the middle

#2 Raccoons

#3 Minotaur statue found at the bottom of a lake

#4 This Road In Northern Ireland!

#5 An optical illusion head tattoo


#7 Somewhere in Australia... because f*** you, that's why



#10 I spent hours trying to get a text to image AI to work on my computer. With the prompt “dog with tennis ball” it took all night to pop this monstrosity out

#11 The mushroom Xylaria polymorpha, also known as dead man's fingers

#12 Original Winnie the Pooh toys from 1920's

#13 A Japanese artist created a fully articulating action figure by splicing together pieces cut from 7 rubber duckies

#14 Dr. Phil without his moustache


#16 Pulled a couple ticks off my dog just now. She didn’t have any 4 hrs ago

#17 Finding out 99.82% of the people who consume your content are actually just machines

#18 Ice cream Pinocchio

#19 How this neighborhood looks straight out of a video game

#20 This restroom I came across at a nightclub in Las Vegas

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