12 Embarrassing Movie Scenes That Actors Would Like To Forget Like A Bad Dream

Let's face it: acting isn't a kid's game; the performers put their hearts and souls into it. Acting is a profession that asks for a lot of versatility and a willingness to adapt to the requirements of the role. Any actor or actress who aspires to be a superstar must produce a film that has a strong emotional impact on the audience. Actors are frequently required to step outside of their comfort zones and broaden their perceptions of what is and is not feasible. They must also appear natural because the audience is not expected to be suspicious. And sometimes during shooting, many incidents happen that the actors want to forget. They don’t even want to remember these incidents in their dreams. Sometimes, it results in a complete nightmare for them.
In this post, we have gathered 12 movie scenes that actors would like to forget, like a bad dream. Scroll down and explore!

#1 Sharon Stone"Basic Instinct"

Source: © Basic Instinct / Canal+

Sharon Stone has stated that the famous moment from "Basic Instinct" transformed her life. Stone had no idea how the sequence in which she crossed her legs had been captured on film. Paul Verhoeven, the film's director, persuaded Stone to widen her legs to convey a powerful character and draw attention to the next scene. He also made certain that her underwear was not visible on the screen. Stone, on the other hand, was taken aback when the film was released. She was even accused of slapping Verhoeven in the face.

#2 Kurt Russel — "The Hateful Eight"

Source: © The Hateful Eight / Columbia Pictures

In "The Hateful Eight" by film director Quentin Tarantino, there was a scene the character of Kurt Russell whirled the guitar into the air, which made it shatter. After that, he felt ashamed when knowing that the guitar cost up to 40.000 USD.

#3 Natalie Portman — "Black Swan"

Source: © Black Swan / Cross Creek Pictures

Natalie Portman won an Oscar for her performance in "Black Swan". However, the scene of Mila Kunis and her getting laid had faded from her mind. In real life, Natalie and Kunis are great friends. Natalie considered hiring a stuntman, but she ultimately chose to perform the scenario herself.

#4 Ellen Page — "Juno"

Source: © Juno / Dancing Elk Productions

Ellen Page became well-known because of the movie "Juno". However, there is one scene in the film that the actress is not particularly fond of. As a result, Page's character delivers a homophobic joke while considering a possible future name for her child. Madison is "a little gay," she adds when her lover proposes it. Later, the actress stated that now that she is older and recognizes how ridiculous the joke was, she is ashamed of it.

#5 Jim Carrey — "Kick-Ass 2"

Source: © Kick-Ass 2 / Universal Pictures

Jim Carrey admitted that he felt embarrassed for all the violent scenes he had acted in "Kick-Ass 2". Carrey assumed that the level of these violent scenes was unnecessary even though this was an action movie.

#6 Keira Knightley — "A Dangerous Method"

Source: © A Dangerous Method / Recorded Picture Company

The film "A Dangerous Method" portrays the narrative of psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung's interaction with his patient. According to the screenplay, Keira Knightley's character had to be slapped by Michael Fassbender's character in one of the sex scenes. For the actress, this scene was a true test. She also acknowledged in an interview that she took a few vodka shots before the shoot and a glass of champagne afterward to help her relax.

#7 Josh Brolin — "Avengers: Infinity War"

Source: © Avengers: Infinity War / Marvel Studios

Josh Brolin, who played "Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War", revealed that he was very unpleasant with the scene of killing Loki. In his viewpoint, Brolin assumed that squeezing a character was too terrifyingly brutal. Also, he felt regret for actor Tom Hiddleston because it was his last scene of him.

#8 Taylor Lautner — "The Twilight Saga"

Source: © The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 / Summit Entertainment

Many girls fell in love with the well-built Jacob from the "Twilight Saga". When Taylor Lautner was transforming into a gigantic wolf in the film, there were several situations when he had to show off his muscular figure. However, the actor was not a fan of having to be virtually naked in front of the camera. He stated in one of his interviews that if he had the option, he would never take his shirt off during the shoot. Lautner desired that his coworkers and viewers focus on his acting rather than his physical appearance.

#9 Chris Hemsworth — "Thor: The Dark World"

Source: © Thor: The Dark World / Marvel Studios

Chris Hemsworth is not a fan of showing his body in front of the camera. As a result, he was uncomfortable when he had to remove his T-shirt in "Thor: The Dark World". In an interview, he stated that he tried to persuade the director to remove the shirtless scene, but he refused. During the production of Thor: Ragnarok, a similar incident occurred. The actor stated that he was pleased with how he was dressed in the first portion of the film, but the director afterward stated that the picture needed to be hotter.

#10 Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan — "Fifty Shades of Grey"

Source: © Fifty Shades of Grey / Focus Features

The couple in "50 Shades of Grey" admitted that sex scenes had been a big challenge. They felt hot, sweaty, and completely uncomfortable. Some scenes took a lot of time to record which made them bound and blindfolded for many hours.

#11 Margot Robbie — "Suicide Squad"

Source: © Suicide Squad / DC Comics

In the film "Suicide Squad", Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn was the most interesting character. Robbie, on the other hand, feels embarrassed when she wears clothes that are too short, torn, and tight. In addition, the scenario in which she fell into a chemical barrel made her feel uncomfortable. It was the worst scene of Robbie's acting career, according to her, because fluid repeatedly flowed into her ears, eyes, and nose.

#12 Kate Winslet — "Titanic"

Kate Winslet had a lot of trouble with the scene in "Titanic" where Rose demanded that Jack draw her naked image. When she took off before Leonardo DiCaprio, she felt embarrassed. Many people demanded Kate's autograph on her naked portrait, which made her feel uncomfortable. Kate had turned it down several times because she was a mother with a serious painting profession.

Bonus: Emilia Clarke — "Game of Thrones"

Source: © Game of Thrones / Home Box Office

In The Graham Norton Show, Emilia Clarke shared that when recording a sex scene with Jason Momoa in "Game of Thrones", he deleted the pressure moments by covering a pink sock on her triangle. This made Clarke laugh so crazily that she forgot her script.
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