15 Doctor Strange's Powers That Makes Him The Earth's Best Sorcerer Supreme

In the MCU, the Earth has seen Sorcerer Supremes. Ever since the introduction of magic in Doctor Strange in 2016, the MCU is really expanding on its magical aspect.
And so far, Doctor Strange has played a heavy role in many of the MCU’s most important events. This includes out-smarting heavy hitters like Dormammu and the Scarlet Witch and going through millions of possibilities to kill Thanos.
At the moment, Wong is Earth’s sorcerer supreme, with Mordo being a close second. However, Doctor Strange is a strong contender for the job as well. Even with more magic users being introduced into the MCU.
True to the Ancient One's words, Doctor Strange is meant to be the best of them. If you are still not convinced he should be its Sorcerer Supreme, here are 15 of Doctor Strange’s powers to change your mind.

#1 Flight

Doctor Strange cannot fly by himself, but he can with the Cloak of Levitation. While flying is a common superpower in MCU, not many magic users can fly so easily. Or do so at supersonic speed, which the cloak can do.

#2 Spell Casting

While MCU Doctor Strange isn’t that much about spell casting, that doesn’t mean he lacks the ability to. In the comics, Doctor Strange is the Divine Conduit of the Vishanti. This allows him to cast many powerful spells, even those that are not from The Book of Vishanti.

#3 Energy Blasts

This power unfortunately has been shown in any MCU movie. However, in the comics, Doctor Strange can project powerful energy blasts, made from pure magical energy.

#4 Protective Shields

A defensive version of his magical blast, Doctor Strange can forge his magical energy into shields to protect himself and others. This was shown in the MCU as golden magical constructed, engraved with magical symbols.

#5 Conjuring

Doctor Strange can conjure up anything, or any beings, in his Sanctum Sanctorum. Just remember, folks, he refills Thor’s beer out of thin air - although we suspect this is so Thor won’t smash any of his mugs.

#6 Astral Projection

Astral projection is the ability to project your astral form anywhere, but usually in the astral realm. This was touched upon during the first film when Doctor Strange astral form fight a zealot… and scared Christine Palmer haft to death.

#7 Memory Altering

In Spiderman: No Way Home, Peter Parker asks Doctor Strange to cast a memory wiping spell to make people forget him being Spiderman. Later, Doctor Strange is forced to make everyone forget about Peter’s existence to stop the universe from fracturing.

#8 Clairsentience

Like The Ancient One, Doctor Strange also keeps tabs on powerful beings, so he can protect Earth against any threats. Through meditation, Doctor Strange can project his consciousness anywhere, monitoring any potential threats. When Thor and Loki arrived on Earth, Strange was immediately alerted to their presence.

#9 Dimensional Travel

Before the Multiverse was introduced, the concept of different dimensions are bought into the MUC in Doctor Strange’s The Dark Dimension, the Mirror Dimension, and later Ant-Man’s The Quantum Realm. Doctor Strange has showcased the ability to walk between ours and these dimensions with ease.

#10 Teleportation

One of MCU, or Earth-616 Doctor Strange’s signature power. Doctor Strange can tear open space to go anywhere. This is very akin to teleport. Most notably, he uses his ability to teleport Earth’s heroes to the battlefield to fight Thanos.

#11 Illusions

In Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Strange shows the ability to cast realistic illusions to distract his enemies. During his fight with Thanos, he creates thousands of doubles to distract the Mad Titan. These illusions can even cast spell themselves, joining forces to bind Thanos for a short time.

#12 Time Manipulation

As the guardian of the Eye of Agamotto, or the Time Stone, Doctor Strange has a certain control over time. This range from viewing possible futures and outcomes, to literally trapping powerful entities in a time loop. The phrase “Dormammu, I’m here to bargain” is likely to haunt Dormammu for a long time.

#13 Dream-Walking

One of the most terrifying powers of the Darkhold. This power allows sorcerers to possess alternate reality versions of themselves. This allows him to travel across the multiverse with ease.

#14 Ingenuity

Well, he’s not Tony Stark, but Doctor Strange is a very intelligent man. Before he was Doctor Strange, the sorcerer, he was Dr. Strange, MD. Doctor Strange was a very gifted neurosurgeon, meaning he operates the brain and the nerves. As a famous surgeon in the field, Strange’s gifted mind definitely ranks at the top in the MCU.

#15 Opening the Third Eye

After using the Darkhold in the Multiverse of Madness, Doctor Strange was able to open his Third Eye. While we have no idea how this will affect him, Earth-838 Doctor Strange is any indication, that the Third-Eye Doctor Strange will be terrifyingly powerful.
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