9 Scarlet Witch's Powers That Proves Her Magic Rivals Doctor Strange

The latest entry in the MCU, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, beautifully showcases two of Marvel's most powerful magic users in combat.
While Marvel fans remain divided on the MCU turning Wanda Maximoff into a full-fledged villain, we can all agree that her power was faithfully portrayed in the film. In the sense that she pretty outclasses most current magic users in the MCU.
This is very faithful to her comic counterpart, as, in the comic, Wanda Maximoff is so powerful that she can warp reality itself.
But that still leaves some MCU fans unconvinced of her magic ability. Worry not, we are here to bring you the proof of why the Scarlet Witch's magical might can rival that of Doctor Strange.

#9 Flight

The MCU has proven multiple times that Scarlet Witch could fly. From hovering a few feet off the ground to high-speed propelling herself through the air, Scarlet Witch has shown her capacity in flying multiple times in the MCU.
For superheroes, flight is actually a very useful power; it allows vantage points for range attacks and keeps you out of range in melee fighting.
That being said, flight is also a very common power for superheroes. Iron Man, Iron Patriot, and Falcon can fly using technology, Thor can fly thanks to Mjölnir, Doctor Strange has the Cloak of Levitation, and Vision and Captain Marvel… well, we don’t really know how their flying works, actually.

#8 Energy Projectile

Wanda has shown to be able to fire energy blasts from her hands in WandaVision. During her duel with Agatha Harkness, her hands glow, and she blasts Agatha with blow after blow of magical energy.
Another common power for the fantasy genre, Wanda’s energy projectile, is nonetheless useful. This allows her to perform range attacks to great efficiency. Especially when there is no object around to levitate with her telekinesis.
Wanda’s blast is powerful and gives her a lot of advantage in battle. This, however, is only her secondary attacks, as she moved towards magics in Multiverse of Madness.

#7 Teleportation

For Wanda, teleportation is a comic-exclusive power. Let’s be honest, Multiverse of Madness would have been settled within seconds if Wanda can teleport anywhere.
It’s still a rare power in the MCU. Doctor Strange seems to be the closest to perfecting teleportation, by opening portals to anywhere. If adapted, teleportation would allow Wanda to drop surprise attacks on her enemies from anywhere.
However, the MCU can touch upon this power of Wanda in future MCU movies. It is very useful as a deus ex machina.

#6 Telekinesis

With her power, Wanda can lift most things from a distance. In the movies, this is shown to be a red mist glowing around the manipulated object. She can throw them at the enemy. Or she could manipulate the enemies’ bodies in the same principle.
Telekinesis is not a rare power in fantasy Movies,and TV shows. From Harry Potter's “wingardium leviosa”, to Charmed’s hand-waving, plenty of people have this power.
With telekinesis, Wanda has an advantage in range attack and self-protection. But it is easily the weakest of her powers. Not because of its usefulness, but because her other powers are way stronger. She ripped apart Thanos’s armor, so… still very powerful.

#5 Power Manipulation

Okay, this is arguably one of Wanda's most deadly powers. With her magic being empowered by chaos, Wanda can turn other individuals’ powers against them.
This was briefly touched upon in Multiverse of Madness. During her fight with the Illuminati, Wanda takes out both Mister Fantastic and Black Bolt by amplifying their weaknesses and powers, respectively.
This was actually more clearly explained in the animated series X-Men, when she overloaded X-Men’s member’s power, causing them to go haywire.

#4 Mental Manipulation

On her MCU debut, Wanda showcased this terrifying power on the Avengers, bringing out their worst fears. This was her key power to her crushing Kamar Jaj in Multiverse of Madness.
A form of hypnosis, this power allows Wanda to manipulate her victim’s fear, forcing them to do her bidding. Or scare them into breaking ranks and falling their magical shield.
However, people with strong mental discipline or strong will can resist her manipulation. Clint Barton, the current Hawkeye, has a form of mental shield up and was able to resist her control in Age of Ultron.

#3 Phoenix Force Immunity

Marvel fans will likely remember the Phoenix Force as being one of the most iconic X-Men storylines of all time. Or, a twice-attempts to bring it to the screen from Fox.
One of the feats that elevated the Scarlet Witch into a God-like being is her resistance to the cosmic Phoenix Force. The cosmic force was powerful, it can wipe out planets. However, the Scarlet Witch can withstand an all-out assault from the Phoenix Force. She is said to be one of the rare things that it actually fears, even.
While the MCU has not introduced the X-Men just yet, we can rest assured that, if they do, the Scarlet Witch will be a key player in taking it out.

#2 Resurrection

In comics, Wanda Maximoff is a full-fledged magic-user, empowered by chaos magic. This allows her to perform multiple impossible feats, including resurrecting the deaths.
In the MCU, this was shown in WandaVision, when she briefly brought Vision back to life by wrapping reality within her “hex”.
However, knowing the MCU’s penchant to make a character's death permanent for maximum emotional impact, this power is unlikely to be expanded upon in the MCU. Too much of a cheat, apparently.

#1 Altering Reality

Having a power based on chaos, being able to alter reality is only natural to Scarlet Witch. In the comics, her reality-altering power results in one of X-Men’s most famous storylines: House of M.
In House of M, driven insane with grief from losing her sons - hey wait, that sounds familiar - the Scarlet Witch wrap reality to make X-Men the apex species on Earth, And then, she was so hurt she wiped out mutants with just a phrase.
The MCU has largely ignored this power until WandaVision, and even then, they give it severe conditions to come into effect. And we cannot agree more, reality-altering might be too much for the MCU to handle right now.
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