20 Witty Things About The Snap And Blip In The MCU

The distinction between "The Snap" and "The Blip," according to Marvel Cinematic Universe head Kevin Feige, is simple: the Snap is when everyone vanishes, while the Blip is when everyone reappears.
Despite the fact that the events of the Snap and the Blip took place in only two films, their ramifications have been felt in hundreds of Marvel projects, including Disney+'s WandaVision and Hawkeye. As a result, Marvel fans have been thinking about the Snap and the Blip for a few years, and they have a few ideas. Below are the 20 witty things about the Snap and Blip in the MCU that can make you laugh out loud.

1. Names For Different Experiences

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2. A Specific Question

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3. More Details Plz!!


4. Drama Queen

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5. He Got A Good Family Scheme?

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6. The Real Concussion

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7. Moon Knight And The Blip

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8. Moon Knight Did NOT Get Wiped Out


9. Tiring


10. And What About The Drivers?

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11. I Still Didn't Think About That

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12. So Stupid'

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13. Another Resolution?

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14. Far-Reaching Impacts

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15. Follow Me

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16. Nice Question


17. Critical Plot Point



18. Easy Money


19. The Pitch


20. An Omission

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