What 15 Of These Actresses Would Look Like If They Followed Modern Beauty Standards

There's no doubt that current beauty standards are often unattainable and based on false beliefs. One may think that this is due to contemporary life and the growth of social media trends. However, given the things we dare to put on our faces these days, it seems that we've always been prone to a set of beauty standards. You won't believe what people have done in the name of beauty in the past.
Human nature involves a desire to be attractive, and much of the great arts have historically been representations of human beauty. To achieve a goal of beauty, we invest a lot of time, money, and emotional energy in enhancing our look. When people believe they are appealing to others, they feel better about themselves. And no matter how hard we try to deny it, beauty standards will always exist.
Nowadays, most women regularly aim to follow these standards, but there are famous actresses who don’t. These individuals choose to go with their own unique styles instead of being caged by a set of rules that society has formed over the years. Find out what they would look like if they followed modern beauty trends.

#1 Meryl Streep

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#2 Charlotte Gainsbourg

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#3 Björk

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#4 Helena Bonham Carter

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#5 Rooney Mara

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#6 Kristen Stewart

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#7 Tilda Swinton

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#8 Vanessa Paradis

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#9 Mayim Bialik

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#10 Maisie Williams

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#11 Natalie Dormer

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#12 Lily Cole

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#13 Irène Jacob

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#14 Julianne Nicholson

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#15 Cate Blanchett

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