The Greatest Visual Puns In The History Of The Internet

Put on your giggly mode, you're about to witness some epic and extremely funny visual puns. These aren't the usual puns that your dad made as a kid to make you feel better about your day after a hard day at school; these are visual pun pictures that will take you three seconds to figure out. If you believe that there is nothing better than a good pun, this is the list for you. Puns, on the other hand, can become tiresome. One should really stop making the same lame puns over and over when they become annoying. Take a look at this list that we have compiled just for your reading pleasure and discover some new ways to take your pun game to the next level.
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#1 Pumpkin pi

#2 Ice, ice baby

#3 Run forest, run!

#4 Sex tape

#5 Baby on board

#6 Fork in the road

#7 Ice cubes

#8 Chain saw

#9 Punk rocks

#10 Bed of roses

#11 Shrimp on the barbie

#12 Corona light

#13 French kisses

#14 Putin on the Ritz

#15 Thyme on my hands

#16 Extremely close quarters

#17 Spoon fed visual pun

#18 Legend dairy

#19 Watch dog

#20 Cold feet

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