20 People Revealing Pictures From A Regrettable Past

An old photo album is opened up, and you're enjoying some reminders of your past...Until "it" shows up. You didn't realize it at the time, but that picture makes you want to crawl under a rock. Worse, everyone else loves it, having plenty of laughs. Fortunately, this rarely has any lasting effects aside from everyone having a chuckle at your expense. We all have THAT embarrassing photo from the past that we keep in a locked drawer or a hidden computer folder.
We've picked out the funniest ones and combined them with other embarrassing throwback photographs for the ultimate effect. The list features shots of angsty Marilyn Manson fans, color-matching divas, and other hilarious photos. Scroll down to enjoy the photos, and don't hesitate to submit your own!

#1 In 1989, I made myself a fartbusters uniform, marched the streets singing “if something smells strange in your neighbourhood…”, and sprayed people with the bottle of cheap perfume in attached shoebox

#2 Me in 1998 and my wife in 2000

#3 My sisters and I wanted those glamour photos from the 90s, but we were too young so mum had us do a homemade one instead

#4 I give you one 15 yo goth with her eyebrows shaved off. My step dad nicknamed me “sunshine”

#5 In 4th grade I stuck erasers all over my face, which left red welts everywhere. my mom had to send me to school with a note letting them know i didn’t have measles and i was just an idiot

#6 Please enjoy my old myspace profile pictures. no filter

#7 Been a weirdo forever (1996)

#8 Going through a bunch of old photos from high school, the expression of the girl in the back definitely says a lot

#9 Setting trends at about 10 years old, rural England!

#10 That time in 2011 my mom took me to niagara falls and i spent the entire time planking

#11 I insisted on wearing a suit everywhere i went because i had a phase when I was younger where i wanted to be the president, and for years my brother's would cry every time they saw Santa

#12 My mum commissioned someone to make these outfits for a family wedding

#13 I swear to the great mushroom god i wore this to prom senior year

#14 In 2004 i won a contest to dj at my very small hometown’s easy-listening radio station. i proceeded to play an hour of evanescence deep cuts and ruined everyone’s morning commute

#15 Photo of my brother and I on our grandma’s favorite mug

#16 The early 90's were not kind to my family

#17 My aunt sent me a bunch of old photos of me that she collected over the years

#18 My mom made us all easter leisure suits....don't be jealous...circa 1975

#19 The local newspaper did me dirty

#20 We called ourselves the chicken fighters and this was for a talent show. we danced to no music (around 1998)

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