14 Celebrities Over 80 Who Have Aged Gracefully

Everyone understands that getting older is unavoidable. We can see little by little the changes in our bodies when we are aging. That means our young beauty wouldn't last forever and health can be excellent entire life.  However, some celebrities are challenging the aging process. Although these celebrities are aging, they are still going strong and gorgeous as ever.
Celebrities beat time like the way they made it big in Hollywood. Still, they prove that age is just a number. Brigitte Bardot, for instance, still jokes around having just turned 87 years old and always has a positive manner. Jane Fonda is also a gorgeous beauty at age 83. Fonda's natural beauty is bursting like her glorious career.
We admire how these celebrities are going strong and wonder if there is any secret to minimizing the damage the time. Let’s find their secret on the list below!

#1 Martin Sheen, 81 years old

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Martin Sheen has devoted his whole life to the movie industry. The Emmy and Golden Globe winner is still active in his career at the age of 81.

#2 Morgan Freeman, 84 years old

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Morgan Freeman who is known for his iconic voice has over half a century of career. He appeared in many successful films such as 'Driving Miss Daisy,' 'Glory,' 'The Shawshank Redemption,' and 'The Dark Knight Trilogy.' At the age of 84, he is still working in the film industry as an actor.

#3 Jane Fonda, 84 years old

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The legendary actress Jane Fonda is now 84 years old. She has achieved many honors, including two Oscars for best actress, the Golden Globes Cecil B. DeMille Award, and an Emmy. The "Grace and Frankie" actress has amazed audiences with her talent for decades.

#4 Chuck Norris, 82 years old

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Chuck Norris looks incredible at the age of 81. He is still going strong and cool as he was in his 40s.

#5 Al Pacino, 82 years old

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The Godfather star doesn't think about his retirement at the present. Al Pacino just starred in a TV series named Hunters which premiered on February 2, 2020.

#6 Brigitte Bardot, 87 years old

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Brigitte Bardot, who is now 87 years old, is a former French actress and singer. She started her acting career in 1952 and starred in the 1963 Le Mépris.

#7 Raquel Welch, 81 years old

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Raquel Welch keeps doing yoga every day. That’s why she still looks gorgeous like she was in her 30s.

#8 Jack Nicholson, 85 years old

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Jack Nicholson's most recent role is Charles Madison in 2010 How Do You Know. At the age of 84, he denies any rumors about his health.

#9 Yoko Ono, 88 years old

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Yoko Ono is one of the most famous women in modern history. Ono stepped out of the spotlight due to her illness a few years ago. Now, her health is reported to be fine.

#10 Judi Dench, 87 years old

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Which is the most correct word to describe Judi Dench at the age of 87? It’s "stunning".

#11 Tom Jones, 81 years old

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One of The Voice UK coaches, Tom Jones, is now 81 years old but still has much energy to sing and work.

#12 Julie Andrews, 86 years old

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The Mary Poppins star looks gorgeous at the age of 85. She is still active in the film industry. She voices the narrator, Lady Whistledown, in the hit Netflix series, Bridgeton.

#13 Sophia Loren, 87 years old

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Sophia Loren, who is now 87 years old, has gracefully aged since she announced a break 12 years ago. She returned to film “I’m a perfectionist” in 2020.

#14 Tina Turner, 82 years old

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Tina Turner has aged gracefully at the age of 81. She retired from music and stays away from the spotlight.
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