18 Carefully Hidden NSFW Jokes In Popular Kids Movies

Properties for children are supposed to be child-friendly. Meaning before anything comes to the big screen, all children's Movies have to go through a lot of censorship to make sure nothing inappropriate makes it on screen.
That means nothing risqué can be on screen. Or so we thought. Animators are a cheeky bunch, and many would carefully hide some small, little, and dirty details in children's movies. Some are so NSFW that we blush just thinking about them.
And they do so incredibly well. Many of these dirty jokes are so well-hidden, that only adults notice them during the movies. Which makes the movies fun for both adults and children. While these details fly right over the children’s heads, their parents might let out a few chuckles during these children's movies.
As children, these jokes are innocuous, but our adult selves know better. If not, let us shed the light on 18 carefully hidden NSFW jokes in popular children's movies.

#1 It's the other's kind of "asm"

#2 "Catnip"

#3 A man's footsize being significant because...

#4 "Bear"

#5 Snip your foreskin

#6 "Mary Jane"

#7 Kiss-His-Butt

#8 Only a "couple" of things, Mushu?

#9 Bunnies "multiply" a lot

#10 Bo Peep's Being A Little Too Peeped ?

#11 She glances down

#12 Overcompensation is a sensitive word for men

#13 Girlhood... trembles

#14 You kinda need to do the math here...

#15 Flashing ladies

#16 The subtle "key bowl" - "swingers party"

#17 Be on top

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