13 Jobs Celebrities Did For A Living Before They Made It Big In Hollywood

Not many celebrities were born with a silver spoon. They faced difficulties at the beginning of their career. That is certainly one of the most challenging periods of their life. Some actors were lucky and talented enough to take minor roles in some Movies. Some singers were soon recognized for their amazing voices. But others had done several jobs for a living such as selling hamburgers in fast-food restaurants before they found their opportunity.
Stephen King had been a gas station attendant before he became the "King of Honor" among honor novel authors. The first days he started his writing career was the most difficult time in his life. Finally, King sold the short story, "The Glass Floor", to Startling Mystery Stories in 1967. Miley Cyrus is another example. She is regarded as one of the most successful American singers. Before she rose to stardom, she worked as a room cleaner.
Today, we have compiled a list of celebs' jobs before they hit their big time. Scrolling down to find the most respectful journey!

#1 Stephen King, a gas station attendant

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Stephen King entered the University of Maine in the US in 1966. He worked as a janitor, a gas-station attendant, and a laundry worker to pay his college fee.

#2 Jennifer Aniston, a telemarketer

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Before Jennifer Aniston starred in Friends, The Morning Show, Horrible Bosses, and The Break-Up, she was a telemarketer in Poconos. Aniston said she can't make even one sale. It was an unforgettable time.

#3 Kate Winslet, a sales assistant at the grocery store

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Kate Winslet was a sales assistant at the grocery store. When Winslet was making a sandwich for her customers, she got a call that she had landed a role in Heavenly Creatures. The Titanic star was so surprised that she forgot to finish the sandwich.

#4 Whoopi Goldberg, a mortuary cosmetologist

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Before Whoopi Goldberg won an Oscar for her portrayal of a psychic in the film "Ghost," she had a job working in a funeral home.

#5 Eva Mendes, selling hot dogs

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Eva Mendes used to sell hotdogs for a long time. She needed to pay the bills. The Hitch actress had donned an unflattering red, yellow, and white uniform for her summer job at California's Hot Dog on a Stick fast food restaurant, at Glendale Galleria supermall, before she found her big break.

#6 Miley Cyrus, a cleaner

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Before the Disney TV series, Miley Cyrus worked as a cleaner. She had to clean houses and even toilets. It's a big deal for Miley because she liked her job.

#7 Jennifer Lopez, a secretary

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Jennifer Lopez is one of the biggest artists of today. But few people know that Lopez used to work as a secretary at a law firm. Her responsibilities included filing tax returns for policemen and firefighters. She even became a licensed notary later on.

#8 Hugh Jackman, a physical education teacher

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The lanky Australian teen went from teaching kids in gym class at a school in England for a year. After that, he starred as Logan in Wolverine.

#9 Gwen Stefani, selling ice cream

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Gwen Stefani was selling ice cream at a fast-food restaurant for a long time before she became a superstar singer. She was also a makeup artist in a department store.

#10 Mick Jagger, a porter at a mental hospital

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At the beginning of his career, Mick Jagger wanted to be a politician or a journalist. But he first worked in a psychiatric hospital as a porter. And finally, he found his success in the music world.

#11 Steve Buscemi, a fireman

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Steve Buscemi is a big star in Hollywood, but he never forgets his roots. He participated in the wake of 9/11 to help with the clean-up and recovery of the twin towers. He worked 12-hour shifts for several days to seek survivors.

#12 Lucy Liu, an aerobics instructor

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Lucy Liu worked five days a week as a secretary and spent her weekend working as an aerobics instructor. She worked so hard to become an actress.

#13 Evangeline Lilly, a flight attendant

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Before Evangeline Lily starred in the Lost TV series, she worked as a flight attendant. She hated it so much that she decided to quit after a month.
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