17 Scary-Seeming Animals That Are Actually Friendly And Sweet

Unlike our pets, wild animals have complex behavioral, social, nutritional and psychological needs. For this reason, most people cannot meet their needs when keeping them as pets. Although wild animals should never be kept as pets, they can also be sweet and gentle to each other and to us humans. From wolves to lions, these animals can become domesticated and adored by humans.
We thought wild animals deserved some love too, so we came up with 17 photos of wild animals who can be very friendly and sweet on the list below. If you don't believe, scroll down to check for yourself!

1. “My boyfriend and I got pictures taken with wolves today, and this cutie loved belly rubs.”

Source: disguised_mermaid / reddit

2. This lioness loves warm hugs

Source: dean.schneider

3. “There’s an island in Washington that lets you go on a 2 hour tour with super friendly wolves.”

Source: EssicaJ / reddit

4. “So I met a bear cub today, I think he liked me.”

Source: DBOOZY / reddit

5. “A tiger in the snow”

Source: Winter-icey / reddit

6. “Cuddling with mom”

Source: Tambako The Jaguar / flickr

7. “This happy little cheetah”

Source: k1ngoddball / reddit

8. Very polite bear

Source: Unknown

9. “This cat and fox are best friends.”

Source: standstrong / reddit

10. “Recently met this elephant and gave her belly rubs.”

Source: Harmless_Citizen / reddit

11. This hippo wants to be friends.

Source: Ed Garcia / flickr

12. “Met the world’s happiest cheetah at the zoo today.”

Source: RedWingMYW / reddit

13. “A hippo named Fiona just received a birthday gift from her boyfriend Timothy, a hippo at another zoo.”

Source: CarnivalLaw / reddit

14. This is Messi, an adorable puma that couldn’t be released into the wild, so he had to be adopted.

Source: l_am_puma

15. “Luna, the best bear in Buffalo”

Source: EssicaJ / reddit

16. “A Cayman Crocodile from the Amazon Rainforest looks happy wearing a crown of butterflies.”

Source: monomotive / reddit

17. “Baby polar bear and human baby”

Source: takukuku / reddit

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