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15 Typical “Ran Out Of Ideas” Movie Plots That Never Should Have Happened

Scriptwriters play an important role in a movie. The writers decide the context of the film: where it is, who is in the story, what happens at the start, and what happens at the end. Sometimes, if a script is terrible, the director will work with the writer plenty of times to ensure that the film runs on the right path. But it doesn’t always work out. The troubles coming from both director and scriptwriter may cause misleading experiences to the viewers. It was terrible and confusing.

The 2002 thriller-horror film Sign is an example. The aliens don’t like water but they decided to invade a planet that was 75% water. Spider-Man 3 is also worth mentioning. Peter kissed Gwen Stacy even though he knew Mary Jane to whom Peter proposes, was there watching. What an awkward plot! Although we try to ignore them, they always disturb us when we’re watching.

Love to see more? Scrolling down to see more awkward scripts.

#1 Avengers: Endgame- Steve went back to live with Peggy, knowing that she would have moved on with another person.

Source: Marvel

#2 “Signs”- the aliens don’t like water, somehow they tried to invade a planet that was 75% water.

Source: Buena Vista Pictures

#3 “Wonder Woman” (1984) – Steve Trevor took someone else’s body even though he died in the first movie.

Source: Warner Bros.

#4 “Toy Story” 4, when Woody left Bonnie and said goodbye to all of his friends at the end of the movie.

Source: Disney

#5 “Avengers: Age of Ultron”- Bruce Banner and Natasha Romanoff suddenly fell in love despite having no signs before.

Source: Marvel

#6 “Spider-Man 3”- Even though he knew Mary Jane, to whom he was about to propose, was there, Peter decided to kiss Gwen Stacy.

Source: Sony Picturesmjwatson92

#7 “Legally Blonde”- Elle’d slept with Professor Callahan and Vivien ask her why she doesn’t sleep with the jury.

Source: MGM

#8 “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay” – Part 2- Katniss finally decided to settle down with Peeta and have a family.

Source: Lionsgate

#9 “The Kissing Booth 3”- Elle rejected Marco, with whom she was much more matched, to stay in her complicated relationship with Noah, and they broke up in the end.

Source: Netflix

#10  “Avengers: Endgame” again- Black Widow died saving the world, her friends didn’t mourn her death and they only had a funeral for Tony Stark.

Source: Marvel

#11 “Sex and the City 2”, Aidan cheated on his wife with Carrie.

Source: Warner Bros.

#12 “Shrek”- Shrek spent the entire movie embracing his grossness and meanness but was disappointed when he heard Donkey and Fiona talking bad things on his back.

Source: DreamWorks

#13 “Booksmart”- Miss Fine went to an underage party, drank with kids, and hooked up with one of her students.

Source: United Artists Releasing

#14 “Pitch Perfect 3”- Jesse dumped Beca for some other girl, even though that went against his character arc, so Beca could have a new love interest for the movie.

Source: Universal

#15 “Pleasantville”- Reese Witherspoon’s character decides to stay in this alternative ’50s TV show world while her brother goes back to reality.

Source: New Line Cinema