10 Most Controversial MCU Fumbles That Still Incense Fans

The MCU is a pioneer. It was the first to be constructed as a cinematic universe. Before the MCU, the closest we have to a cinematic universe is Star War. But it was never a term until the MCU.
Since its first movies, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a huge success. With blockbusters after blockbusters, the MCU has made billions from theaters worldwide. For almost 15 years, the MCU has brought a lot of comic heroes to life.
With more films and miniseries coming out, the MCU continues to expand. But just because they have great hits, doesn’t mean there are a few misfires. The MCU has made some questionable decisions when it comes to its universe. Or glaring mistakes, if you ask any avid Marvel fans.
So, let’s examine the 10 most controversial MCU fumbles that don't sit well even with fans.

#1 One Time Villains

The biggest problem in the MCU is its villain problem. In a sense, they are usually either underdeveloped or killed off too quickly. Except for Loki and Thanos, name one villain that makes the second comeback in the MCU.
Marvel has a lot of good villains, they just aren’t adapted well on screen. But Marvel TV series don’t have this problem. Their villains like Killgrave and the Kingpin have such lasting impacts on the series, proving that great villains are possible in the larger MCU.

#2 The Mandarin Being Off-Brand

Iron Man 3 was a decrease in quality compared to its predecessors. While the comic Mandarin is more than an equal match for Tony Stark, his live adaption was a caricature.
In Iron Man 3, Mandarin was just an inept actor hired for a role, and the "real" Mandarin was someone Tony crossed in the past. Marvel redeemed him in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, but a good character shouldn’t need to be bettered in another movie.

#3 The Eternals’ - The MCU’s Failed Launch

2021 was a big year for the MCU; it was beginning its next phase. After Endgame, everyone was waiting to see which is the next big thing from Marvel. And they gave us Eternals.
The movie was so negatively received, that it was considered a flop. Ironically, the movie was directed by an Oscar-winning director and respected, talented actors. Apparently, a lengthy movie, bleak colors, and a convoluted storyline is not a hit with Marvel fans. Huh?

#4 MCU: Movies vs TVs

The acclaimed Netflix show, Defenders, is a TV version of The Avengers. It brings multiple characters from another hit Marvel TV shows together. The show constantly makes connections to the MCU, but that’s about it.
The lack of validation from the MCU makes the show seems disconnected from the main MCU. Comic fans would feel like they are watching two different adaptions of the same franchise. However, recent MCU TV shows have rectified this problem.

#5 The Fan-Baited Quicksilver

WandaVision was big for Marvel. Before the show, Marvel has only had indirectly connected shows to the main MCU, like Agent of SHIELD and Jessica Jones. WandaVision is the real first series to expand from the cinematic universe.
The series is mostly a success. Except for Quicksilver. The MCU secured Evan Peters, the Quicksilver from the X-Men franchise, to play his counterpart in Westview. This hyped up a lot of fans. Turns out, he wasn’t even Quicksilver, just a spelled, clueless man.

#6 Director’s Cut Ant-Man

There were a lot of conflicts behind the scene in the first Ant-Man film. Edgar Wright was writing and directing, but due to creative differences, Wright departed.
The actual movie turns out to be a charming, safer version, diverted from Wright’s satiric vision. Fans might clamor to see what the satirical Ant-Man looks like, but what we got is much more aligned with the MCU.

#7 Captain Marvel’s Late Entry

Captain Marvel is a strange case for the MCU. While most characters in Infinity War and Endgame have been teased for movies, she just popped out of nowhere. Carol Danvers might be crucial in Marvel Comics, but her on-screen counterpart has less than 10 minutes in Endgame.
The thing is, Captain Marvel was conceived as an attempt to catch up to the DCEU’s Wonder Woman. The successful female-led superhero film called the MCU out on its biggest weakness: zero female superhero movies. Which explains her solo movie but the weightless impact on Endgame.

#8 Joss Whedon Falls From Grace

Joss Whedon was the producer to go to for hero movies. He made cult-status series Buffy, Dollhouse, and Firefly, and put together the Avenger movie.
Or at least we thought so. Joss Whedon’s attempt on DCEU’s Justice League fails miserably. Fans panned the movie for compromising Zack Snyder’s dystopian vision. To make matter worse, abuse allegations, from everything he directed, coming out against the producer might dim his light for good.

#9 Thor: The Boring World

The massive success of The Avengers was a tall order to follow up for the MCU. Naturally, the following solo movies of the Earth’s Mightiest heroes are highly anticipated. And they choose Thor franchise to do so.
Unfortunately, the movie was so dulled, that it almost tanked the whole franchise. The premise was good, but Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman looked bored, the Dark Elf villains were boring, and the story… wait, people dozed off, what was the movie about? Even the director admits the movie was not what he envisioned.

#10 CGIs, CGIs Everywhere

CGI is very important in the MCU. But when the CGI budget was used to create a Spiderman costume when the character is standing still and doing nothing, it might be time to check where your budget is funneling to.
Marvel movies devolving into CGI polygons throwing pixels at each other has become a tradition at this point. Even in good MCU movies! The overuse of sound effects and green screens kills any authenticity from carefully choreographed fight scenes.
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