11 Babies Who Share Uncanny Resemblances To World-Famous Celebrities

Have you ever spotted babies and caught a glimpse of your favorite celebrities in them? Some babies who must have inherited their parent’s physical traits seem to share a bloodline with their celebrity lookalikes. The resemblance is absolutely uncanny and we don’t have an answer for the identical appearance.
Some parents don’t really want their kids’ to resemble famous people. While being a doppelganger to Angelina Jolie might be like winning the genetics lottery, being a small version of Wallace Shawn is seen as a stroke of bad luck.
If you’re curious about the babies who bear striking resemblance to famous celebs, scroll down to see them.

#1 The 2-year-old girl look just like Ed Sheeran

Source: © Tom Davies© Wikipedia Creative Commons

#2 The child is real Gandalf

Source: ©© New Line Cinema

#3 As a kid, my friend looked a lot like Mrs. Doubtfire

Source: ©© 20th Century Fox

#4 During her pregnancy, the mother of this little boy must've only watched Movies with Danny DeVito.

Source:© Shannon Bihamta© REX

#5 Who do we have here? It's Jay Z, in person! Or is it?

Source: © reddit© REX

#6 My son looks suspiciously like Vin Diesel

Source: essediafoliousco


#7 This little girl is the spitting image of Jamie Oliver

Source: © facebook© facebook

#8 This toddler kinda looks like Kevin from "The Office"

Source: ©© NBC

#9 Could this kid and Gordon Ramsay be somehow related?

Source: © Twitter© REM

#10 My nephew looks way too similar to the Grammy-award winner John Legend

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#11 As for my son, he considers himself a member of the Royal Family

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