10 Behind-The-Scene Photos From Movie Sets That Reveal Another Side Of Famous Movies

When directors speak of a movie or a music video, they’re not joking. For some, their final products often seem like impossible goals to reach first. We can’t imagine how the film crew attempts to make impressive scenes. Things don’t always run smoothly during a shoot. Sometimes filmmaking equipment broke, and sometimes the outdoor set gets rained out. Despite the difficulties of the filmmaking, the production team and casts all create interesting behind-the-scenes moments.
Some behind-the-scenes photos shared on the Internet are intriguing and humbling. They may make us laugh aloud and keep our eyes glued to them. Below are photos from famous movie sets that certainly tell you something new about filming.

#1 Taylor Swift in her video "The Man"

Source: bcorso

#2 How Wonder Woman's boots created

Source: gal_gadot

#3 Zoe Saldana’s makeup for Guardians of the Galaxy

Source: zoesaldana_fan

#4 The shooting of "Westworld"

Source: Meh_Turkey

#5 Waiting for your teammates for too long

Source: Algoren

#6 Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of Doctor Strange

Source: Algoren

#7 Keanu Reeves in Saint Petersburg on the set of Siberia

Source: MedeyaLara

#8 On the set of The Dark Knight. It wasn’t that high

Source: krivoshlykovart

#9 During the shooting of Kill Bill

Source: sirellwoir

#10 How cute Darth Maul from Star Wars really is

Source: sirellwoir

#11 Mini Batmobile

Source: sirellwoir

#12 This is who's behind The Godfather

Source: sirellwoir

#13 It also needs a rest

Source: sirellwoir

#14 If you didn't know what the main character of V for Vendetta looked like, now you do

Source: sirellwoir

#15 A miniature cityscape made for Terminator 2

Source: DarkLord2015

#16 Gary Oldman's makeup for Darkest Hour

Source: Mr.George

#17 Wonder Woman wearing a Batman mask

Source: ethrael237

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