30 Non-Disney Animations That Imprinted On Your Childhood

Ever since the creation of Mickey Mouse and Snow White, Disney has Disney ruled our childhood. Over 60 years, Disney has expanded and annexed more franchises and studios, including Pixar, Fox, and Marvel. This gives them a stronger influence on other generations of children worldwide.
That doesn’t mean Disney owns all media for children. There are still a lot of Movies that are imprinted heavily on our childhood from other studios. DreamWorks, Studio Ghibli, and Warner Bros are top tiers in the animation department.
Well, there aren’t a lot of them - Disney is very good at their craft. But these non-Disney movies are at the top of the crops. Has to be if you want to compete with Disney.
So, what does it take to make an animation good enough to beat Disney? See if you can pick up the pattern by re-binging these 30 non-Disney animations that imprinted on your childhood.

#1 The road to El-dorado

An animation that has grown a cult following. It's funny and light-hearted. The main characters are also lovable and relatable.

#2 Anastasia

Now that Disney has acquired Fox, Anastasia is an honorary Disney Princess. But even before, her movie is just as good, if not better than other Disney Princess movies at the time.

#3 How to train your dragon

The franchise has plenty to love: A hot lead, a cute dragon, and an adventurous storyline.

#4 Rise of the guardians

A flop as a movie, but a hit for children regardless. Trust me, Jack has plenty of fanarts to prove it.

#5 Robots

A zany, fun animation that set the base for children to strive out and help their small town, or rise up against capitalism.

#6 Barbie as the princess and the pauper

One of Barbie's franchise-best movies. Barbie has a lot of movies, but this adaption of the classic fairytale stands out.

#7 Ice-age

Another big animation franchise. What not to love: crazy characters from pre-historic eras trying to survive natural disasters.

#8 Spirited away

One of Studio Ghibli's best works: Spirited Away is an award-winning animation for a reason.

#9 The Pagemaster

The Pagemaster makes a dream come true. Who doesn't want to be an animation?

#10 Thumbelina

Thumbelina is another classic Princess animation that is not from Disney. The story we all know and love is beautifully animated by Fox.

#11 Megamind

This parody of Lex Luthor vs. Superman is pretty zany to watch. The sarcasm is especially on point.

#12 Barbie of Swan lake

Inspired by the beautiful opera, this Barbie movie might look wooden, but its story sells.

#13 The swan princess

Another one of successful Fox's Princess, which makes her another one of Disney Princess line now.

#14 The American tail

This movie is single-handedly responsible for our curiosity about the sewage. Before Pennywise, at least.

#15 The land before time

Cute dinosaurs trying to make it through the wilderness and disaster? The resilience is astonishing.

#16 Princess Mononoke

The Princess that actually kicks butts and fights for the environment. And even saves her prince.

#17 The Princess and the Goblin

The fantasy story for children is now animated, making witch-vaguishing a lot funnier to watch.

#18 Barbie in the 12 dancing princesses

The dancing is so on point. The models might look a little stiff though.

#19 Cats don’t dance

Cats are fun. Especially anthropological ones.

#20 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie

Everyone knows Santa's dedication, but not Rudolph. We need more Rudolph movies.

#21 Quest for Camelot

Disney already has a Camelot-themed movie, but it was ok. This one hits t out of the park though.

#22 FernGully- the last rainforest

A fantastical fantasy about fairy and forest. This is likely the inspiration for our love of Lord of the Ring.

#23 The Iron Giant

The most heart-warming story about the iconic imperfect robot.

#24 The brave little toaster

It might not be a talking mouse, but a talking household appliance is just as good.

#25 The prince of Egypt

Both the movie and the soundtrack are award-winners. Need I say more?

#26 All dogs go to Heaven

The animations make us feel better about our dogs visiting the farm.

#27 The Secret of NIMH

Based on an award-winning book for children, you know the movie is good.

#28 Little Nemo: Adventures of Slumberland

Not the Nemo everyone wants to find, but it is just as good.

#29 Tom and Jerry: The movie

The iconic due who keep trying to off each other. Who would have thought these two would rule our childhood for too long.

#30 The last unicorn

Who doesn't love a good unicorn movie? Because of unicorns.
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