Before Passing Away, Millionaire Dad Appoints His Daughter As His Will Executor, And She Decides To Play On The Relatives She Dislikes

Discovering you're an heir to an enormous fortune that you had no idea about sounds like the stuff of dreams. However, inheritance stories are rarely fun. Everyone has greed, especially if there is a large fortune. At that moment, all of the family members will pay all their attention to and fight their relatives in the "survival game" and the winners are those getting the largest amount of money. A much more terrible thing is that they all forget that a person just died.
Take the following story for example. A millionaire dad appointed his daughter as his will executor after passing away. However, she was not delighted to take this role, but she figured that since she was given the chance, she could teach her family a lesson. Scroll down to check out what she did to have fun with the relatives she dislikes.
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The woman's father passed away in December of last year, leaving a large sum of money as well as possessions

She characterized him as a terrible guy to be around, and she disliked his family as well

Everyone expected his oldest son to be the executor of his will when he died, but he unexpectedly picked his daughter

The OP was receiving a lot of messages from relatives she hadn't talked to in years, attempting to win her favor

She wasn't fooled by the sweet messages, though, since she knew what type of people they were

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When the daughter eventually had a list of her father's possessions, the first thing she did was sell everything and turn it into money

She only kept one car and gave her brother the other, as well as a motorcycle because they both got along

He was already pleased, but his younger sister wanted him to have 25% of everything, with a third going to her stepmother, who is a wonderful lady

Other relatives would have to make do with far smaller sums and sarcastic charitable gifts made in their names

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The widower's daughter, who was snobby and cruel to the OP's brother, piqued the Redditor's interest

Because the widower's daughter was not formally adopted by her stepfather, she was treated as an afterthought in the will, and the executor left her off the inheritance list

Of course, the woman took some money for herself, but she didn't really need it because she had already established herself financially


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