How 16 Miss Universe Winners Prove They Deserve Their Tittle Now

Being a Miss Universe might be a dream of many girls. But the road to worldwide recognition is never easy. The candidates need to go through many different stages which means different challenges. In the final round, they must show their physical beauty and prove their intellectual qualities as well. Because winners are gracefully beautiful, people sometimes ignore how smart they are. Winners should deserve their titles. "Beauty, beauty, beauty. It's all about beauty. But read their bios. Every single one of them is smart, too," the former judge told Forbes.
It’s been years since the moment Miss Universe Winners were crowned. How have these beauty queens changed? Some queens started a professional career in the industry, modeling, for instance. Meanwhile, some decided to stay out of the spotlight and have taken care of their families. Anyway, they all have embraced their beauty to prove how they deserve the title.
Are you curious about how they look now? Scrolling down and enjoy!

#1 Olivia Culpo won in 2012.

Source: © Kabik / Starlitepics / MediaPunch Inc. / East News© PATRICK T. FALLON / AFP / East News

#2 Stefanía Fernández won in 2009

Source: © AFP / East News© stefaniafernandezk / Instagram

#3 Marisol Malaret won in 1970.

Source: © ASSOCIATED PRESS / East News, El Noevo Día

#4 Ximena Navarrete won in 2010.

Source: © AFP / East News, ximenanr

#5 Margaret Gardiner won in 1978.

Source: Fairfax Media Archives/gettyimage,  Margaret Gardiner

#6 Lorraine Downes won in 1983.

Source: © ASSOCIATED PRESS / East NewsAlchetron

#7 Maritza Sayalero won in 1979.

Source: © ASSOCIATED PRESS / East News, maritzasayalerof

#8 Cecilia Bolocco won in 1987.

Source: © ASSOCIATED PRESS / East News, Pudahuel

#9 Lupita Jones won in 1991.

Source: © Miss Universe / YouTube© lupjones / Instagram

#10 Dayanara Torres won in 1993.

Source: © ASSOCIATED PRESS / East News, dayanarapr 

#11 Alicia Machado won in 1996.

Source: © East News, machadooficial

#12 Denise Quiñones won in 2001.

Source: © East News, denisequinones9

#13 Jennifer Hawkins won in 2004.

Source: © ASSOCIATED PRESS / East News, jenhawkins_

#14 Zuleyka Rivera won in 2006.

Source: Access E/gettyimage, Celebwell

#15 Riyo Mori won in 2007.

Source: © East News© riyomori_ / Instagram

#16 Dayana Mendoza won in 2008.

Source: HOANG DINH NAM/Gettyimage, dayanamendoza

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