21 Fun Facts That Sound Fake But Are Completely Real

Life is weird and there are a lot of facts out there that sound too unbelievable to be true. Did you know, for instance, that a day on Venus is longer than a year? Or that some animals are born pregnant? Or that we are all related to each other? There exist out there certain facts that are so staggering or downright strange that they sound completely made up. Science is crazy. There are things happening right under our noses that we can't see, literally. Weird things. Fascinating but definitely weird. Here are the 21 fun facts that sound fake fun but are completely real.
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#1 Allan, 'Ken's Buddy' was a real doll that Mattel created

#2 These bikes actually exist in a few McDonald's restaurants in China

#3 Book burnings in 1933 and 2022 respectively

#4 Fucking was a real village until they changed their name to Fugging

#5 The 'Glass Frog'

#6 Well this is terrifying

#7 Bill Gates' real mugshot

#8 I can't imagine how bad this thing smells

#9 Hole drilled by the Mars Curiosity rover

#10 This '80s McDonald's

#11 This real sign in Alberta

#12 Three soldiers survived underwater in a ship hull for 16 days after the Pearl Harbor attack

#13 The one and only, 'Penis Snake'

#14 Larvae infestation in a gardener's eye

#15 Yup, they're real


#17 So much ramen

#18 Magnified seawater

#19 Magnified puncture from a tattoo/ink gun

#20 Golden Orb Spider silk cape/dress

#21 Facts that sound fake

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