19 Jobs That We Have Zero Respect For

"What do you want to be when you grow up?". It’s a question we often get asked as children. And our answers might depend on when we were born, as different professions appeal to different generations. Some of the jobs that are most worthy of our respect offer relatively small paychecks. Other high-social-value occupations offer higher pay, but still require a lot of patience and skills. Some jobs, though, should be brought into question that they should be considered jobs at all, and should the people doing them be respected for doing such things?
From love "experts" to Reddit mod, here are some of the least respectable jobs that we have stumbled into across the internet. Granted, you will find that some of these are just the absolute worst and you can't help but feel like we ought to do something about them.
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#1 Those 'journalists' who write click-bait articles. The ones where you wade through page after page of deliberately prolonged text and ads to get to the bit you want to read. -Sloper59

#2 Food bloggers who tell you the history of the world before giving you the recipe. -CCChic1

#3 Health insurance company CEOs. -luhzon89

#4 Higher level people in hospitals (admin, CEOs, etc.) Majorly detached from what’s actually going on in their facilities (or just don’t care) and implement policies that can legitimately be dangerous for patients so that they can get their bonus. -megs0114

#5 Dating experts. -Mean_Manufacturer_61

#6 "Life coach." -KidArcade

#7 Those people that work in the middle of the mall trying to sell you stuff. They just pray on older people and younger teens that don't know any better. -rosespetaling

#8 Managers who have never worked the lower level positions. -JuniorMongoose9160

#9 Psychic Mediums. Specifically those who prey on the grieving. -JamesDeadite

#10 MLM managers. Not the low level idiots that get suckered into it, they suck too for trying to bring new people into that sh*t-show, but the people who create them know exactly what they are doing. And they are pretty much the only ones who profit off of it. Should be illegal. Pyramid schemes are illegal. -Wereno

#11 Is being a Reddit mod a job? They probably think so. -NuclearWinterGames

#12 Paparazzi. -VictorBlimpmuscle

#13 Poachers. Especially big game poachers who purposefully hunt nearly extinct animals from species they know are on the brink. I know there are poachers that come from rural villages who are trying to just put food on the table, which have my sympathy. But poachers who come from money and hunt down animals minding their business in most shelters or restricted areas just to put a head on their wall as a trophy are absolutely heinous. -GetterdoneObiwan

#14 Ticket-scalpers. -vswlife

#15 Televangelists. -WBFY

#16 Politicians. -gurdsang

#17 TikTok Influencers. TikTok's algorithm literally is not based on anything and people just go viral for the dumbest things, but when they are "famous" they act like they worked hard and are some kind of role model. -frankgumbomarchman

#18 Timeshare sales-people. -TheBossTX

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