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25 Pets Who Don’t Know The Concept Of Personal Space

We all know that our pets have no concept of personal space. They just want to be with us and have our attention. It would be natural for them to want to be close to their humans. Therefore, they sometimes forget their hoomans have personal space and take over it in outrageous ways. They will jump on us, lick our faces, or do anything they can to get our attention. Although we can train them to understand personal space, we don’t want to do that. We know that they’re not doing it to be annoying, it’s just that they love us so much!

In this post, we have compiled a list of hilarious photos to reaffirm you that pets are absolutely nonchalant when it comes to personal space. But even when they have no respect for personal space and disturb us sometimes, we still love them and treat them well. Scroll down to check for yourself and get ready for a good laugh!

#1 She texted me “he won’t leave me alone”

Source: therealvertical

#2 Who needs personal space?! Foster kitty settled in literally under my nose and fell sound asleep.

Source: freckledfarkle

#3 Trying to get some work done…and this little guy shows up.

Source: kim_swick_art

#4 What is “personal space”?

Source: Cassandralove89

#5 Backseat typer

Source: winston__stella

#6 You’re going to hear a little pawp

Source: Protocol-King

#7 “Every bite you take, Every lunch you make, Every time you bake, Every piece of steak, I’ll be watching you.”

Source: Reddit

#8 Didn’t lock the door, ended up with company in the bathtub.

Source: heyheywendyray

#9 My dog has no sense of personal space.

Source: cozyfuton

#10 Say no to personal space.

Source: Sumbunnee

#11 Apparently im not giving him enough attention.

Source: Shonarrrrrgh

#12 A short story titled: can I get in the bath with you, please? Spoiler – I got in

Source: miller_dontstopretrieving

#13 Cat trees aren’t meant for dogs!

Source: SymanthaB

#14 Get a puppy they said. You won’t be so alone during quarantine they said. They were right…

Source: seriouslymytenth

#15 I woke up to my cat standing on my chest staring at me.

Source: Pike_Gordon

#16 Layla is queen of the kittens. They think she’s they’re own personal space heater.

Source: Nickelzz

#17 She can invade my personal space but I can’t look at her.

Source: MahjiggTheFox

#18 HELLOOO! Plz stop working and pet me!

Source: crease222F

#19 Without even consulting anyone, this guy unilaterally decided to stage an intervention.

Source: 9999monkeys

#20 This cat is experiencing Zen lol

Source: mmfreeman33

#21 My girlfriend was brushing her teeth this morning when a monster popped out from under the sink.

Source: Mabaum

#22 I found this little boy in the countryside, alone. Initially he was scared, now he seems to be pretty comfortable.

Source: Aritmico

#23 Personal space? Nope.. I’m a cat pillow lol.

Source: macluvva

#24 I was trying to enjoy a nice bath but…

Source: hbarinsky

#25 Taking a bath, when I’m home “alone”

Source: tbotcotw

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