15 Times Kate Middleton Reminded People Of Princess Diana

Kate Middleton is the Duchess of Cambridge, and she is married to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, who is second in line for the British throne, making her a possible future queen consort. She is the very first global royal favorite since Princess Diana, and while she hasn't defied royal etiquette as much as her world-famous mother-in-law, she definitely follows in her steps, which the public adores.
As the wife of the future King of England, Kate is destined to be compared to her mother-in-law, Princess Diana, particularly in terms of lifestyle and fashion. We are fascinated by how similar but different the legendary Members Of the Royal Family have shown up. And here are 15 iconic moments in which Kate Middleton was inspired by Princess Diana that will leave you speechless.

#1 Gorgeous wedding dresses with a veil, 1981 vs 2011


#2 Red coat with black neckline, 1984 vs 2011


#3 Skiing outfits, 1985 vs 2016

Source: South China Morning Post

#4 The Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara, 1989 vs 2016

Source: © AP/East News© MEGA/Mega Agency/East News

#5 Elegant red dress with decolletage, 1992 vs 2016

Source: © AFP/EAST NEWS© AP/East News

#6 Fur-trimmed black coat and the Remembrance Day poppies, 1993 vs 2016

Source: People

#7 Pink dress with a hat, 1983 vs 2017

Source: Glamour

#8 Black-and-white polka dots, 1986 vs 2017

Source: House Beautiful

#9 Post-maternity dress with a white collar, 1984 vs 2018

Source: © Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

#10 Black-collared gray tweed jacket, 1984 vs 2018

Source: © James Whatling / MEGA/Mega Agency/East News© James Whatling / MEGA/Mega Agency/East News

#11 Green coat, 1983 vs 2018

Source: Glamour

#12 Bluecoat dress, 1990 vs 2018

Source: Hindustan Times

#13 Red-and-white houndstooth, 1990 vs 2018

Source: © John Rainford/ News© AP/East News

#14 Total black look, 1988 vs 2019

Source: © GP/MPI/Capital Pictures/Capital Pictures/East News© James Whatling/Mega Agency/East News

#15 The traditional Pakistani hat, 1991 vs 2019

Source: Bustle

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