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24 Posts That Show How Disney Employees Create The Most Magical Places On Earth

Seeing and interacting with favorite Disney characters in real life is one of the most magical things a child can experience. In addition to parades, live shows, and meet-and-greets, Disney World offers a variety of events for guests to interact with the characters. And the one who plays a key role in creating this exceptional show is the professional cast. As a cast member at Disney theme parks, you help make that dream a reality each and every day. With so many different roles available throughout our theme parks and resort hotels, each cast member plays a unique, but equally important role, in sharing the magic with guests from all over the world.

And here are 24 incredible moments that demonstrate how wonderful Disney employees are. From heartwarming words to random acts of kindness, these good people know how to make Disneyland the most magical place. Keep reading for more details!

#1 This is why Disneyland became so famous.

Source: UncleNad

#2 This prince, who was just dripping with self-confidence.

Source: theyellowbrickroad

#3 Tigger from Winnie The Pooh has feelings, too.

Source: heidbyhes

#4 This photo is hanging in the “secret tunnel” under Magic Kingdom. Very cute!

Source: leliocakes

#5 That is why you should be wary of what others say.

Source: qguardian

#6 This is the cutest picture.

Source: AngelaTsoukalas

#7 People do this all the time there. There’s even a mickey made from leaves.

Source: warmhedgehugs

#8 Captain America at Disneyland signing with a deaf guest

Source: psychologicalX

#9 Peter Pan had a perfectly whimsical reaction to a phone camera.

Source: hrhoover

#10 If you go easy on yourself, it’s easy to lose a boyfriend or girlfriend at Disney.

Source: ihefkin

#11 Whatever happened here today will only stay here

Source: mrmoura

#12 How wonderful that one of the costume characters helped her.

Source: ikimaru

#13 Disney employees are the most humble and kindest.

Source: angggram

#14 This Disneyland tweet, which reunited a fan with her face.

Source: Disneyland

#15 This was Anna’s reaction upon spotting her in the crowd

Source: deadlydisney

#16 What better location to visit than Disney World? I’ll wait

Source: japthony

#17 Peter Pan is such a brag that he’s going to provoke Darth Vader!

Source: blahhitsisaac

#18 Another friendly moment with animals.

Source: laurathedoggiediva

#19 That’s why Disney is where everyone likes it

Source: powerfulweak

#20 Disney exclusive coolest dopplegangers

Source: MaLaCoiD

#21 The person dressed as Minnie at Disney spoke to the deaf child in ASL, how kind and adorable is that!

Source: KyleEdwards

#22 To all the good people of Disney

Source: zebragirl1313

#23 This former princess, who was still willing to make magic happen.

Source: spicy-vagina-tacos

#24 Well he looks quite guilty about his shirt

Source: Math_Nerd_

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