15 Times Movie Fans Hit the Jackpot With Their Observations

It's also fascinating to observe the movie's minute elements. Even if you have 20/20 eyes and have been viewing movies since you were a child, there's a good possibility you've missed a lot of tiny details. Did you realize that in Unthinkable, they utilize MS Excel to defuse a nuclear bomb while typing nonsense? What about the name of the mall changes after Marty runs over one of the 2 trees in Back to the Future? I'm sure that piqued your interest. The movie crew always manages to make the movies much more entertaining.
We know how much you appreciate discovering hidden movie details. We've finished a list of Easter eggs and other not-so-obvious references sprinkled throughout films for you to enjoy. Check out this article on more movie elements you undoubtedly missed. Then you'll be a real hit at movie nights.
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#1 In Unthinkable, they utilize MS Excel to defuse a nuclear bomb while typing nonsense.

© Unthinkable / LLeju Productions

#2 After Marty runs over one of the two trees in Back to the Future, the mall's name is changed.

© Back To The Future / Amblin Entertainment

#3 God dressed as a waiter in Evan Almighty, and has a name tag that says Al Mighty.

© Evan Almighty / Spyglass Entertainment

#4 The graphic on the back of an ambulance looks like Heath Ledger's Joker from the 2019 film Joker.

© Joker / Warner Bros© The Dark Knight / Warner Bros

#5 In Moana, one of the Kakamoras was modeled after Baymax from Big Hero 6.

© Moana / Walt Disney Company

#6 In Harry Potter, pupils may be seen eating Cheeri-Owls, a cereal parody.

© Harry Potter / Warner Bros

#7 Jodie Hopps' iPod in Zootopia is filled with pun names for bands and artists.

© Zootopia / Walt Disney

#8 Chewbacca's seat in Star Wars: The Last Jedi is visibly dirtier than Han's.

© Star Wars: The Last Jedi / Lucas Film

#9 In the book of spells in The Road to El Dorado, there is an old form of the DreamWorks logo.

© The Road To El Dorado / DreamWorks

#10 Doug from Up appears in Ratatouille and barks at Remy.

© Ratatouille / Walt Disney© Up / Pixar Animations

#11 Alan Rickman and Keanu Reeves have a striking resemblance.

© Bill & Ted: Face The Music / Orion Pictures© Harry Potter / Warner Bros

#12 The canyons in the film Cars are made up of massive vintage car hoods and front fenders.

© Cars / Walt Disney Company

#13 In Fellowship of the Ring, the candles next to Gandalf have melted, marking the time he spent reading the scrolls.

© Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring / Warner Bros

#14 Ryan Reynolds may be seen recording *that* video on his social media at 14:42 in 6 Underground.

© 6 Underground / Sky Dance

#15 After Cogsworth turned human in the 2017 rendition of Beauty and the Beast, his mustache remained uneven, like the hands of a clock.

© Beauty and the Beast / Walt Disney

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