18 Horrific Disney GIFs That Will Make You Rethink Your Favorite Characters

Disney movies captured our hearts and imaginations when we were kids, and it turns out that they can be transformed into accurately horrific versions. Don't believe us? We've gathered various GIFs from the Disney films of our childhood, from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" to the "Cinderella" movies, to show you how their creepy GIFs can give you a remarkable nightmare.
The creators of these Disney GIFs feature classic, beautifully animated characters as horrific, silly, uglified weirdos. They also replace some characters' faces with other famous animated roles which makes you forget what the original characters look like. And prepare not to be shocked to see some GIFs which relate to adult dilemmas and situations. After all, they're pretty entertaining. These GIFs are particularly cool and a little bit "dark", so if you are under 18, just skip this post!
You might find yourself reconsidering the way you envision classic Disney characters after you look at them. Keep scrolling to see all the Disney moments, and prepare to get a strong urge to watch your favorite animated films again.

#1 Pocahontas with the face of Nigel Thornberry! Now, who wants a kiss?

#2 Alice in Wonderland, as told by M. Night Shyamalan

#3 Oh, I can feel Cinderella

#4 Oh MY!

#5 It's weird to see Nicolas Cage as a Disney princess

#6 Re-watch the Disney intro

#7 A sloth wears Cinderella's dress. Interesting!

#8 Oh dear

#9 Ariel and Eric as awkward teens

#10 Don’t joke with the ocean

#11 BOOM! Snow White's head disappears

#12 Bye bye Simba

#13 The real reason Ariel couldn’t go through with this kiss: POOP.

#14 Can you imagine when Belle has a mustache?

#15 Ariel makes me scared with her big black eyes.

#16 Hey, Alice, this is not for people under 18

#17 Ariel just wants to do ALL that humans do in her limited amount of time.

#18 I've always thought a woman forced into a cursed sleep was disturbing.

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