23 Designs That Should Have Never Been Approved

Designers and artists are creative and very often they have their own unique views that not everyone understands. That’s probably how these masterpieces, that make us laugh and cry at the same time, came to life. Well, let’s have a look. These are some of the designs that should have never seen the day of life. Yet, they were still approved, for some reason, and it is really annoying to those that actually went to art school.
The embarrassing mistakes these guys made are not redeemable in anyway.
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#1 Green means GO AWAY!

#2 “Every wire is just white, because why not mess with the installer.”

#3 “This house was built about 4 feet below street level. Now they will have a very short, steep driveway down into the garage.”

#4 Don't or do

#5 “This official PlayStation brand shirt with the circle, x, and triangle colors wrong.”

#6 Yes, that’s the sound that sheep make

#7 It is

#8 Losing heads

#9 The eggs

#10 i am is what you see what

#11 “This popcorn bag that says microwave for 2 minutes 30 seconds, but has a picture of a microwave with 3 minutes on it.”

#12 “This portable heater has started to melt its own handle.”

#13 Meat coffee

#14 Round and round

#15 “They put braille on this mirror so blind people can use it.”

#16 Emptiness

#17 Talking heads

#18 “How to get children to eat sand…”

#19 Now that's what I call crappy

#20 Left

#21 Parallel

#22 T Rex or Alien?

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