20 Fascinating Details From 'Captain America: Civil War' Collected By Fans

The Avengers, as well as some of the audience, were divided by Captain America: Civil War. Fans are still debating whether Team Cap or Team Tony was correct years later, and these post-Endgame posts give us even more cause to do so.
In Captain America: Civil War, a lot transpired, from Wanda's role in Lagos to Bucky's new identity. Thankfully, fans are continually uncovering secret nuggets that add to the meaning of this Phase Two picture. Such as the time when The Winter Soldier didn't want to knock Spider-man down when noticing he is just a boy. And below are the 20 fascinating details from Captain Marvel: Civil War collected by fans

1. Emotional Cap

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2. A Meticulouslt Minute Detail

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3. A Literal Child

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4. Just The Way He Always Is

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5. Peter Vs. Bucky

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6. Scott Lang's Drum Aptitude

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7. Just Being Humble

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8. Steve's Resistance To The Registration Act

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9. The Conflict

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10. Where Is Spider-Man

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11. OMG: Thought Bucky

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12. The Winter Soldier Strut

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13. Is This Ben's Wedding Ring?

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14. Wanda's Blunder

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15. Bucky's Plums

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16. Captain And The Shield

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17. They're Right

Source: Marvel Studio

18. Fury's Absence

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19. The Complex Truth

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20. This Scene Means A Lot Post-Endgame

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