10 Celebrities' Kids Escape From Shadow Of Their Parents And Make It Big In Their Careers

Being a son or daughter of celebrities is a privilege. Thanks to celebrities’ fame and wealth, the kids have many opportunities to step into the billion-dollar industry. Jaden Smith is an example. He made his acting debut when playing alongside his father, Will Smith, in “The Pursuit of Happiness” in 2006. Then, he starred in the 2010 martial arts drama film The Karate Kid and won a lot of recognition.
However, not all celebrity kids follow their famous parents' steps. In fact, some kids take the advantage of their parents’ support but failed to escape from their long shadow. However,  there are celebrity kids who pursue their dreams and make it big in their careers. Although there are so many challenges, these kids always find a way to prove their talents. And proudly, they have gained much remarkable success such as Robert De Niro's son, Raphael De Nira, who is now a billionaire.
Today, we have compiled a list of celebrity kids who achieve success in other fields.

#1 Robert De Niro’s son is a real estate broker.

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Robert De Niro’s son, Raphael De Nira, is a successful real estate broker who independently built his career and became a young millionaire.

#2 Dwayne Johnson’s daughter is a wrestler.

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Dwayne Johnson’s daughter, Simone Johnson, signed a professional contract with WWE and became the youngest wrestler in all of WWE. There is no doubt that she gains remarkable success in the future.

#3 Harrison Ford’s son is a chef.

Source: chefbenford

Harrison Ford is known as a big star in Hollywood and his son Chef Ben Ford is famous for his restaurant in Culver City Ford’s Filling Station. Recently, he opened another restaurant in LA.

#4 Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates’ daughter is a singer-songwriter.

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Greta Simone Kline is known as a musician and songwriter. She is the leader of her band named “Frankie Cosmos”.

#5 Tom Selleck’s daughter is a horseback rider.

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Tom Selleck’s daughter Hannah is a champion equestrian who regularly competes around the world. She also does a business in breeding horses.

#6 Bill Murray’s son is a basketball coach and recruiter.

Source: Luke Murray

Luke Murray, who is an American men’s basketball coach, is one of the most energetic recruiters by his colleagues. He was in among the top 10 on the ESPN list of men’s college basketball coaches.

#7 Steven Spielberg’s children are a music duo.

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The brother-sister indie duo Theo and Sas Spielberg doesn’t follow the glorious career of their father. They formed an indie band named Wardell and released their first single called “I’m a man” in 2019.

#8 Michael Keaton’s son is a songwriter.

Source: © Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/East News

Sean Maxwell Doulas is an American songwriter and record producer. He was a Grammy Award-winner for his song “Lizzo’s Cuz I Love You”. He also won the  ACM Award for Single of the Year the Billboard Music Award for Top Country Song, the CMA Award for Single of the Year, and the BMI Award for Song of the Year.

#9 Jamie Lee Curtis’ daughter is a dance instructor.

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Jamie Lee Curtis’s daughter, Annie Guest, is a professional dance teacher. She first entered the MNR Dance Factory at 16 years old.

#10 Luke Perry’s son is a pro-wrestler.

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Jack Perry is a rising star in the professional wrestling world and goes by the name Jungle Boy due to the resemblance to his in-the-ring persona Tarzan.
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