15 Celebs Show Us What Their Natural Hair Looks Like, And It Is Gorgeous

Celebrity can easily be described as a chameleon. Just like their outfits, celebrity's hair changes with every show and event because there's no way they could be seen with the same look twice. They embrace a new look to catch the media's attention and make themselves different, and more interesting. They try new hairstyles or dye their hair. As a result, we're so familiar with their fashionable hairstyles that when their natural hair makes the occasional cameo, it comes as a shock.
When celebrities come back to their daily life, they live with their true selves. And of course, they show the world their natural hair. You probably didn't know that Sarah Hyland used to shine with beautiful curly hair. Or Ariana Grande has naturally curly hair instead of the sleek high ponytail we often see.
Below, we’ve rounded up all the latest celebs who have embraced their natural hair. Scroll down for more details.

#1 Vanessa Hudgens looks very different as she sports frizzy hair

Source: © vanessahudgens / Instagram, © vanessahudgens / Instagram

#2 Ariana Grande always appears in public with a sleek high ponytail instead of her curly hair. Which is more beautiful?

Source: © arianagrande / Instagram, © Wiese/face to face/FaceToFace/REPORTER

#3 Viola Davis was 100% comfortable with her natural hair texture on the red carpet.

Source: © violadavis / Instagram, © violadavis / Instagram

#4 Meghan Markle’s hair is normally styled in a natural-looking blowout, but she actually has beautiful curly hair.

Source: © TheRealKamie / Twitter, © MICHELE SPATARI/AFP/East News

#5 Sarah Hyland's curly hair caught her fans completely off guard when she showed it on Instagram.

Source: © sarahhyland / Instagram,  © sarahhyland / Instagram

#6 Tyra Banks has appeared in many different hairstyles that receive everyone's praise but she has always been proud of her thick wavy hair.

Source: © tyrabanks / Instagram, © tyrabanks / Instagram

#7 Zendaya says she was able to repair her damaged hair and is now proud of her curls.

Source: © zendaya / Instagram, © zendaya / Instagram

#8 Kerry Washington's curls are giving us so much life! In recent years, she confirmed that she stopped relaxing her hair and was now saving a lot of time by going natural!

Source: © kerrywashington / Instagram, © kerrywashington / Instagram

#9 Jennifer Lopez enjoys experimenting with her hair, but she can still pull off a wavy look.

Source: © jlo / Instagram,  © jlo / Instagram

#10 Hailey Bieber opted for a sleek or loose hairstyle instead of her natural waves.

Source: © haileybieber / Instagram,  © haileybieber / Instagram

#11 Beyoncé has rarely worn her hair in its natural state while out in public, but it looks like the "Formation" singer is ready to show off her natural curl pattern.

Source: © beyonce / Instagram, © beyonce / Instagram

#12 The beautiful Alicia Keys has always been known to rock the most gorgeous braids. But, she also takes pride in freeing her beautiful curls sometimes.

Source: © aliciakeys / Instagram,  © aliciakeys / Instagram

#13 Salma Hayek often delights fans by sharing glamorous selfies, but she opted for a more laid-back look for her latest Instagram photo – and her followers are obsessed.

Source: © salmahayek / Instagram, © salmahayek / Instagram

#14 Troian Bellisario loves her curly hair and prefers to not hide it too much

Source: © sleepinthegardn / Instagram,  © sleepinthegardn / Instagram

#15 We've seen Ciara without her hair extensions before, but now she's giving us a glimpse of what her natural curls look like.

Source: © ciara / Instagram, © face to face/FaceToFace/REPORTER

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