Spider-Man Villains Share Hilarious And Pensive Thoughts About Their Roles

Spider-Man has amassed quite the rogue's gallery over the last two decades, thanks to three different franchises and one Oscar-winning animated film. It's no surprise that the villains in Spider-Man movies are frequently the greatest parts, with scores of talented performers stepping into famous villain roles.
A few talented people decided to take on Peter Parker and went along with him. As a result, they have gained lots of things to remember, both hilarious and pensive moments, such as Jamie Foxx told why he was so excited to be a villain or why Willem Dafoe really wanted the role of the Green Goblin. Below are several interview answers about their roles in Spider-Man of these actors.

1. Alfred Molina Thinks There's A Back Story To Each Villain

Source: Spider-Man / YouTube

2. Paul Giamatti Liked Chewing It Up

Source: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 / Sony Pictures Releasing / Toronto Sun

3. Jamie Foxx Confessed Why He's ThrilledTo Return As Electro

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4. Alfred Molina Is Willing To Tell The Truth

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5. Everyone Is In A Yes About The Costumes

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6. Dane DeHaan Gained The Opportunity To Add To The Character

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7. Willem Dafoe Was Allured Back Because Of The Pitch

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8. Willem Dafoe Desperately Wanted The Role Of The Green Goblin

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9. JK Simmons Recalled His First Audition For JJ Jameson

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10. The Reason Michael Keaton Connects To The Vulture

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11. Vulture Things

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12. Kathryn Hahn As Doc Ock

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