11 Actresses Who Unhesitatingly Sacrificed Their Beauty For Movie And TV Roles

Sacrificing one’s beauty is no easy task, especially for the ladies. But when an actress is brave enough to do it, it is a testament to her professionalism. Some movie characters require highly specific physical traits.
And, in order for an actress to precisely match her role, she must thoroughly immerse herself in the character. These are the times when sacrifices have to be made for the greater good. As we all know, it's not an easy task to disguise your face behind glasses and a thick layer of makeup, yet some actresses do it wonderfully.
Actresses with extraordinary talent can even play a wide range of roles, even those requiring them to transform into hideous women. To make the change as real as possible, they must sometimes go through intense transformations. These include losing or gaining a lot of weight in a short amount of time, wearing shapeless clothing, and spending a lot of time in makeup that covers their pretty faces.
Here are 11 actresses who aren’t afraid to sacrifice their beauty for a role, which they played brilliantly.

#1 Sarah Paulson: Mrs. America and American Horror Story: Hotel

Source: © Mrs. America / FX Productions© American Horror Story: Hotel / FX Productions

In the Mrs. America TV series, Paulson plays Alice Macray, a beautiful homemaker who finally uncovers her true self. The actress appears in American Horror Story: Hotel as a wild and profane visitor of Hotel Cortez with a bad disposition.

#2 Olivia Wilde: The Change-Up and The Lazarus Effect

Source: © The Change-Up / Universal Pictures© The Lazarus Effect / Blumhouse Productions

In one film, we witness the pleasant Sabrina, the main character's coworker in The Change-Up, while in another, we see Zoe, a medical researcher who becomes compulsively hostile and insane after ingesting an innovative serum in The Lazarus Effect. Wilde is excellent in both parts.

#3 Christina Ricci: The Matrix Resurrections and Monster

Source: © The Matrix Resurrections / Village Roadshow Pictures© Monster / Zodiac Productions Inc.

Almost nothing is known about Christina Ricci's character in The Matrix Resurrections right now, other than that she's stunning. Her character in the film Monster, on the other hand, is very different, since she wears very little makeup on her face.

#4 Alyson Hannigan: the American Pie film series and Date Movie

Source: © American Wedding / Universal Pictures© Date Movie / Regency Enterprises

She may be seen here as the attractive Michelle in the American Pie film franchise and as the chubby Julia in Date Movie. Hannigan excels in both roles.

#5 Helena Bonham Carter: The Crown series and the Harry Potter film series

Source: © The Crown / Sony Pictures Television© Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix / Warner Bros. Pictures

Helena Bonham Carter has the ability to take anyone by surprise. Viewers were astonished to see her as Princess Margaret in The Crown series after seeing her as the fanatical evil in the Harry Potter flicks. To make her performance realistic, the actress meticulously researched the princess's life.

#6 Kaley Cuoco: The Big Bang Theory TV series and To Be Fat Like Me

Source: © The Big Bang Theory / Warner Bros. Television© To Be Fat Like Me / Ardmore Productions

Kaley Cuoco rose to prominence as Penny, Leonard and Sheldon's lovely neighbor. In the film To Be Overweight Like Me, the actress portrays a beautiful athlete who pretends to be a fat girl in order to show people that personality can triumph over physical looks.

#7 Julia Roberts: Pretty Woman and America’s Sweethearts

Source: © Pretty Woman / Touchstone Pictures© America's Sweethearts / Revolution Studios

Following the phenomenal success of Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts starred in America's Sweethearts as Kiki, a girl who lived in the shadow of her own sister. Kiki eventually evolved from a plain girl to a beauty, winning the heart of her sister's lover.

#8 Jodie Foster: Sommersby and Hotel Artemis

Source: © Sommersby / Regency Enterprises© Hotel Artemis / The Ink Factory

Jodie Foster is well-known for her remarkable makeovers. In Sommersby, she portrays the adoring wife of a gorgeous officer. Foster's character in the film Hotel Artemis is a frantic woman with bulging eyeballs and untidy gray hair.

#9 Helen Mirren: RED and The Door

Source: © RED / Summit Entertainment© The Door / Bankside Films

Helen Mirren can play any part beautifully, whether it's a retired special agent in RED or an eccentric maid in The Door.

#10 Christine Lakin: Modern Family and The Hottie & the Nottie

Source: © Modern Family / 20th Century Studios© The Hottie and the Nottie / Summit Entertainment

Christine Lakin rose to prominence as Paris Hilton's unattractive pal in the film The Hottie & the Nottie. A few years later, the actress starred in the sitcom Modern Family as a self-assured beauty.

#11 Meryl Streep: The Devil Wears Prada and Ironweed

Source: © The Devil Wears Prada / 20th Century Studios© Ironweed / HBO

Miranda Priestly, the queen of the glossy magazine world in The Devil Wears Prada, and Helen Archer, the destitute ill lady in Ironweed, are diametrically opposed roles, demonstrating Meryl Streep's incredible talent.
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