Little-Known Facts About What Happens Inside Disney Theme Parks, Revealed By An Employee

Since Disney World opened in 1971 as a simple family-based tourist destination, Disney parks have changed a lot. Nowadays, Disney-themed parks become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, with over 157 million visitors in 2018. According to an annual survey issued in May 2019 by Themed Entertainment Association and AECOM, the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World alone attracted 20.8 million visitors in 2018.
Visiting Disney parks, we can enjoy hundreds of rides and attractions based on your favorite Movies and characters as well as plenty of activities for people of all ages. However, these wonderful parks are also packed with many mysteries that even die-hard Disney fans don’t know!
Now, thanks to Emiliano Ochoa who shared his experience after working there in 2018, we have some information about Walt Disney World that was not what we expected! Scroll down to see!

#1 Secret police inside the parks

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According to Ochoa, police officers dressed as visitors patrol the parks, keeping an eye on everything that happens in case of an emergency and ensuring that everything is running well. They also turn there to make sure the characters are acting, singing, and according to the script.

#2 Why Disney characters don’t like to be hugged by the neck

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According to Ochoa, the neck area of the Disney character costume is delicate because the head is heavy. So, hugging them around the neck can hurt them. As a result, numerous characters hug visitors from the side rather than the front.

#3 Secret tunnels in the Magic Kingdom

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Inside the parks, tunnels allow personnel to move about without being noticed by visitors. According to Ochoa, drainage lines and rubbish also run through these tunnels, resulting in an awful odor.

#4 What Disney does with the products it doesn’t sell

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There is a store for park employees called Cast Connection, which offers discounts of up to 70% on products. These are Disney goods that are out of season or have minor flaws.

#5 Not all the characters wear wigs

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Many people believe that all Disney princesses wear wigs while they play their roles, however, this is not true. Girls who look a lot like the role can urge the casting and makeup staff not to wear one and instead wear their own hair.

#6 Wearing a costume in the parks is not allowed

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In a video, Ochoa said that visitors over 14 years of age are not allowed to wear a costume in the parks except for Halloween events.

#7 Special characters appear during Halloween

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According to Ochoa, the park's theme transforms during Halloween, with Disney villains taking center stage with distinct performances such as Cinderella's stepsisters, Cruella de Vil, and the legendary Jack and Sally...

#8 A VIP club inside the park

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Inside Disneyland parks, there is a private club known as "Club 33." Walt Disney designed it, and it initially opened in 1967. It can presently only have 500 active members, according to Ochoa, and there is a 15-year waiting list to join. According to the influencer, joining the group costs $50,000 every year.

#9 Walt Disney employees are not allowed to post on their social networks

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Ochoa said that Disney executives pay close attention to their workers' social media posts. They are not permitted to wear their uniforms or badges in specific areas, and they are prohibited from posting about their work or experiences in the park on social media.

#10 How to get a job at Walt Disney World

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For college and non-college students over the age of 18 who desire to work in Disney World, there are numerous programs available. Applicants may visit Disney's website to choose the program that best meets their preferences. Then, applicants must write a letter expressing why they want to work at Disney, submit a CV, and participate in an English-language interview to demonstrate their communication abilities.

#11 How employees are trained

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At Disney University, new members of the Walt Disney World team get training. According to Ochoa, new employees are trained there where they are educated about the park's history and creators. They also inspire the new members with the magic of Disney and give them their equipment and work materials, such as a badge and Mickey’s ears. The training concludes with a tour of the facilities.

#12 Benefits of working at Disneyland

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Being a Disney employee entitles you to free admission to all of the parks, as well as savings on products and tickets for anybody who wishes to accompany you. Only staff is invited to private events, and you can see or ride attractions before they open to the general public. You also get to meet incredible folks from all around the world.

#13 The challenges of working at Disney

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Working hours are one of the most difficult aspects of this work. You also have to deal with tough individuals on a regular basis, and you must constantly be in "happy" mode to keep the Disney magic alive. Employees reside in "Disney Housing," which requires them to pay rent and share rooms with coworkers. Their experiences, of course, differ tremendously depending on their housemates.

#14 Disney’s worst job

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In one of his videos, Ochoa stated that there is a bad but vital job in the park. Each attraction's employees must be ready to press a red emergency button if something goes wrong. It's essentially a system designed to alert visitors if there has been an accident or if the attraction is malfunctioning.
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