12 Behind The Scenes Facts That Happened During Movie Productions

When it comes to great movies, the films themselves are just a part of the experience. The reality is that there’s a lot of interesting stuff happening behind the scenes – stuff that ordinary viewers don’t really get to see. But lucky for us, some curious people actually managed to dig up these secrets and share them with the world.
It's bracing to realize that the shimmering images we see on movie screens and on our TVs – that, if distributed widely enough, can become like collective dreams for a whole civilization – began as a bunch of highly paid actors doing silly things in front of a camera. Questions emerge: how did this or that actor get chosen for a key role? How was a seemingly "impossible" shot or special effect achieved? How did the actors feel about doing the movie, and how were their lives changed afterward?
Sometimes the behind-the-scenes stories from Movies,can be more affecting than the movies themselves because they involve actual people and have the spontaneity and randomness that we associate with real life.

#1 The cast from Little Women shared how they were taking breaks for French fries.

Source: tchalamet/instagram

It looks like, despite the drama on-screen, all the actors inhabiting the roles were quite friendly to each other off-screen. At least seeing from this picture Timothée Chalamet took and uploaded on his IG.

#2 Karen Gillan shaved her head to play Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Source: Guardians of the Galaxy/Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

Karen Gilligan was pretty desperate to get into the MCU, so much so that she actually shaved her head! It's a good thing she looks good even bald.

#3 This is how Chris Evans transformed into old Captain America.

Source: ChrisEvans/twitter

Though old man Steve Rogers is purely CGI, Chris Evans himself was put on the makeup chair for his old man makeup. None of it made it to the big screen, as the CGI animators only used it as a reference.

#4 This baby dummy from Guardians of the Galaxy was also the baby Zach Galifianakis carried around in The Hangover.

Source: jamesgunn/instagram

That's right. It's the exact same baby. Put on a bit of paint and a few plastic attachments and it'll look as unrecognizable as ever.

#5 Gal Gadot and her stunt person Stani became good friends.

Source: gal_gadot/instagram

Is it narcissistic to love your doppelganger? Who can tell? Well, at least it's better than becoming arch-nemesis with them.

#6 To make the books float in Harry Potter, they used people standing on the other side of the shelves with green gloves instead of animation.

Source: Harry Potter/Warner Bros. Pictures

Now try to get that image out of your head the next time you watch this scene.

#7 This is how the team from Eternals celebrated the Christmas holidays.

Source: salmahayek/instagram

Good thing the on-screen in fighting was, well, just on-screen. Off-screen, the cast seems to have pretty good chemistry with each other, spending the holidays with each other and all.

#8 Max’s mask from Mad Max: Fury Road was made of a garden pitchfork.

Source: Mad Max: Fury Road/Warner Bros. Pictures

Word of mouth says this was intentional, as director George Miller wanted the world of Mad Max to feel "recycled".

#9 They had to ditch Gamora’s masks and go with green face paint on stunts while filming Guardians of the Galaxy.

Source: jamesgunn / instagram

I mean, can you blame them? It looks creepy as hell. James Gunn thought so also. He ditched the masks because they looked too uncanny and impractical.

#10 Tom Holland got a tattoo of a spider that is inked on the sole of his foot.

Source: BackToTheMovies/youtube

The role of Peter Parker seems like a golden ticket for Tom. And he appreciates it so much so that he has actually gotten the Spiderman logo tattooed on his foot. Ouch, that sounds painfull. Hope it was worth it!

#11 Black Widow was portrayed by a team of many actors.

Source: heidimoneymaker/instagram

Source: heidimoneymaker/instagram

Source: heidimoneymaker/instagram

And Yelena as well!

Source: heidimoneymaker/instagram

Source: heidimoneymaker/instagram

Source: heidimoneymaker/instagram

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