19 Toxic TV Couples Shows That Are Actually SUPER TOXIC

We're all familiar with the classic TV couple pairings: Joker and Harley, Romeo and Juliet, Ross and Rachel, etc. But have you ever stepped back and taken a look at how fed up they actually are? Yeah, they are actually toxic tv couples!
You'd think that in the 100-plus years of TV's existence, we'd have made some strides in depicting healthier relationships. Yet time and time again, many of the most popular TV couples are the ones who are downright terrible to each other. Behind all the montages and lighthearted comedy, maybe they aren't the perfect pairings we are led to believe. Some of them may actually be assholes or even downright abuse, and others are perhaps just too different to be together. As viewers, we're often even aware of this, but we can't help rooting for our favorite toxic couples, no matter how many times they hurt each other. They're awful, but they're also entertaining.

Recently, Reddit user u/Dragonball_Z137 asked, "What are some fictional couples everybody loves that are actually toxic?" and people had a lot to say!

#1 Cam and Mitch on Modern Family

Source: Peter 'Hopper' Stone / ABC / Courtesy: Everett Collection

"Cam always seemed to be knocking Mitch down pegs, and it was alright to laugh at Mitch, but when Cam got laughed at he got all upset and emotional."
"Cam was so manipulative…every time when things didn’t go his way he made a big big scene. I felt sorry for Mitchell, because he was his own person as well."

Source: ABC

#2 Angel and Buffy on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Source: 20th Century Fox / Courtesy Everett Collection

"Buffy and Spike was really unhealthy, but Buffy and Angel was downright creepy."
"Angel would have been to old to be dating a 16-year-old when he was turned. He *had* to have been late twenties early thirties, and I know 'blah Victorian times blah blah socially acceptable then' It was also socially acceptable to dump your poo pot on the street."

Here's Angel seeing Buffy for the first time when she was 15.

Source: The WB

Afterwards, he's teased about how he wants to help her 'cause she's pretty. A 15-year-old!!!

#3  Romeo and Juliet in the various adaptations of Romeo and Juliet

Source: 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved.

"People need to stop using Romeo and Juliet as the stereotypical teen romance. He was 17. She was 13. It lasted three days and six people died."
"People misinterpret it. It's not a love story; it's a tragedy. Now, in our modern vocabulary, a tragedy is a story with a sad ending, but back then, and dating back to ancient Greek theater, a tragedy is a specific story structure. Like how we say mystery, and you automatically know that a crime will be committed by someone, you don't know who, and the story will follow the main character figuring that out, with the audience.
A tragedy back then was a story structure where someone's decision, or series of decisions, leads to the awful ending (Hamlet, Oedipus). Romeo and Juliet isn't a love story, it's a criticism of teenage impulsivity. The whole point is that every decision they made made the situation worse, leading to the climactic double suicide ending."

Here's Romeo taking poison over Juliet's "death"...then realizing he majorly effed up.

Source: 20th Century Fox

#4 Sam and Freddie on iCarly

Source: Nickelodeon

"Sam only ever loved Freddie because she thought he was cute when he fell off his bike and started screaming in pain and blood was coming out of his ear. They also never stopped fighting even when they were dating. I just think that they made a horrible couple and would have been both better off with someone else."
"And Sam constantly physically abused Freddie."

Source: Nickelodeon

#5 Beck and Jade on Victorious

Source: Nickelodeon

"Beck always treated Jade as if all she [existed to him as] was just someone who was aggressive and someone he liked to make out with. He was totally chill kissing other girls in front of her, going out with other girls even though he had a girlfriend, and when Jade got all upset about it, he just told her that she was 'overreacting' and didn’t even apologize. I get why Jade was always jealous 'cause...Why wouldn’t she be?? Imagine seeing your SO kissing or going out with other people! Wouldn’t you be at least a little upset?"

Here's them arguing, as they always did.

Source: Nickelodeon

#6 Rory and everyone on Gilmore Girls

Source: Saeed Adyani / Netflix / courtesy Everett Collection

"Literally all of Rory's relationships in Gilmore Girls, I'm pretty sure she cheats on every single one of her relationships and also had an affair with a married guy. They kinda glamorize and glorify cheating in that show and it really turned me off from it."

Here's Rory after sleeping with Dean when he was MARRIED.

Source: The WB

And let's not forget the way she treated Paul.

Source: Netflix

#7 Jessie and Jane on Breaking Bad

Source: Lewis Jacobs / AMC / courtesy everett collection

"She just treated him like a casual, short-term hookup until she realized he had money. Then all of a sudden she started making plans for both of them and saying 'we' instead of 'I' for everything. I love the actress, so I think the first time I watched, I just kind of overlooked that part."
"Jessie drew her back into drugs. It was a doomed relationship from the start."

Here's an example of Jane manipulating Jesse for money.

Source: AMC

#8 Big and Carrie on Sex and the City

Source: Craig Blankenhorn/Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection

"Total shit show. They are supposed to represent 'real' relationships not being perfect but I could never marry a man who continually viewed me as an option."
"He only wanted to have a good time with her but she fell so hard for him. She was so desperate trying to catch his attention and make him love her, but it was obvious that he didn't want a serious relationship. Even at the end of the series, I believe that his words 'Carrie, you're the one' were quite forced since he had always wanted to have her in the palm of his hand."

Let's not forget when Big refused to show up to his wedding with Carrie!

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

#9 Also, Miranda and Steve from Sex and the City

Source: Craig Blankenhorn/Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection

"Steve stepped out of his marriage in the movie; they made it a big deal. Miranda stepped out on her marriage in the revival, and it was just glossed over. It was more about 'Are you gay now?' Then IDK, having an AFFAIR."

Here's Miranda leaving Steve and expecting the entire world to be happy for her.

Source: HBO

#10 Robin and Ted from How I Met Your Mother

Source: Eric McCandless / CBS / Courtesy Everett Collection

"Holy shit, Ted's obsession with her being 'the one' and it continuing subconsciously throughout the entire show, along with Robin being confused about her relationships, it was painful to watch especially combined with the shit they pulled in the ending? Too much."

Here's one of many examples of Ted being obsessed with Robin and thinking that's true love.

Source: CBS

#11 Ethel and Fred on I Love Lucy

Source: Courtesy Everett Collection

"I get it, the older married couple that hates each other was supposed to be funny back then. But you watch it now and wonder how they even got together in the first place. And apparently, the actors really did dislike each other in real life, so I guess that came through on the show."

Here's them being toxic AF!

Source: CBS

#12 Ezra and Aria on Pretty Little Liars

Source: Eike Schroter / ABC Family / Courtesy: Everett Collection

"Ezra was literally her teacher."
"That really is all that needs to be said. But even if he wasn't her teacher, he literally entered their relationship via deception in order to use her. Whyyyyy did they keep pitching that terrible pairing as #endgame to impressionable teens?"

Oh, lord. I'll never get over the whole teacher thing...

Source: Freeform

...But I have to agree with u/Morella_xx. Him knowing her identity (and age) from the start and getting close to her to write a book about Ali was somehow worse.

Source: Freeform

#13 Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey from 50 Shades of Grey

Source: Chuck Zlotnick/Focus Features / courtesy Everett Collection

"Seriously, they are awful and their relationship is a toxic mess. I didn't make it 100 pages into that book without gagging."
"And the BDSM community almost as a whole agrees that it’s a horrible horrible representation of BDSM."

Here's Christian being creepy and controlling (outside of sex and before Ana had even signed the contract!!) as usual.

Source: Universal Pictures

#14 Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee in Pam & Tommy (yes, I know they're not fictional, but we're talking about the fictionalized portrayal of them in the show)

Source: Erin Simkin / Hulu / Courtesy Everett Collection

"It’s supposed to be based on reality, but the reality is Tommy Lee went to jail for beating Pam Anderson — WHILE SHE WAS HOLDING THEIR INFANT SON. The show really romanticizes their relationship, and considering how it ended, it’s pretty twisted."
"I’m starting to see people romanticize Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee while watching Pam & Tommy. This makes me so angry and upset. That marriage did not end well and overall Pamela just deserves better, period."
Source: Hulu

#15 Bella and Edward in Twilight

Source: Summit Entertainment

"It’s not healthy for your boyfriend to break into your house and watch you sleep!"
"I know you have to suspend some reality when reading fiction (depending on the genre) to fully delve into the piece, but a century-old man (internally) being insanely attracted to a teenager is weird. Especially as they’re from such different time periods. Plus he’s an old otherworldly being who is supposedly well traveled, cultured, educated, etc. And on top of that, I’m supposed to believe this old, non-human being is a virgin and super concerned with Bella’s soul going to hell if she has sex before marriage??? It was just too much reality for me to suspend, lol."

Source: Summit Entertainment

#16 Allie and Noah in The Notebook

Source: New Line / courtesy Everett Collection

"She slapped him, he yelled at her, [they] fought all the time [then] kissed and made up...Weird that people thought they had a healthy and beautiful relationship."
"After she said no the first time, he threatened suicide to get a date out of her...It seems cute when it’s Ryan Gosling being handsome and charming, but picture the kind of guy who would really do something like that… creepy and manipulative."

Here's Noah threatening suicide to get Allie to go out with him.

Source: New Line Cinema

#17 Ross and Rachel on Friends

Source: Robert Isenberg / Warner Bros. / Courtesy: Everett Collection

"He was terribly insecure and jealous, while half of the time she barely even seemed to like him, much less love him. She knew he loved her more than she loved him and she took advantage of that fact by treating him like crap much of the time. I didn't see most of those issues back when the show was still on the air, so I used to root for them as a couple. In hindsight though, they were awful together. He was always hopelessly in love with her, but looking back, I don't understand what traits he liked about her other than her physical appearance. I don't know what she saw in him at all, other than the fact that he worshipped her."
"It was infuriating to watch them end up together in the end, even though literally none of the reasons why they didn’t work out had changed."

Here's Ross not trusting Rachel and overall being insecure.

Source: NBC

#18 Joker and Harley in basically any Batman/DC show or movie

Source: DC Universe / Courtesy Everett Collection

"I love both of them to death, but Jesus Christ is the Joker toxic."
"So many of my teenage cousins post pictures of them on Facebook talking about 'relationship goals.' Meanwhile I’m like, 'HE THREW HER OUT A SKYSCRAPER WINDOW!'”

Here's Joker pushing Harley out a window.

Source: Fox Kids

#19 Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl

Source: Giovanni Rufino / The CW / Courtesy Everett Collection

"I think the appeal of Chuck in a suit and Blair being a b*tch but also quite entertaining appealed on the character levels. Also, the fact that they went through all those trials and tribulations for all the seasons, it sort of felt like, 'Well, they have to end together, right?' Except no, they don't. First episode alone, Chuck tried to sexually assault not one but two girls. He 'sold' Blair to his Uncle Jack. He actively treated her badly, let her and their friends think he was dead so he could shack up in France with some oui oui lady, and was just an all around icky guy. He even assaulted her and punched a window when she tried to break up with him (4x20). I 100% believe the finale was just the writers trying to do some fan service because everyone hated Dair so much (which I very much did not) and make everything seem peachy keen. It was NOT!"

Here's Chuck admitting he manipulated Blair into essentially selling her body to Chuck's uncle.

Source: The CW

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