16 Laugh-Out-Loud Parenting Tweets About The Unforgiving Memories Of Children

An adventure is described as an experience that is unexpected, fascinating or daring. Something risky. If you have ever raised kids, you will definitely agree with us that parenting is one of the greatest adventures — a challenge, a joy, and a step into the unknown. At the same time, heart-stopping, heart-filling and mind-boggling. If you haven't brought up a child and are curious about what parenting looks like, this post will give you a picture of that.

When a Twitter user @toddedillard shared a vivid memory with his kid, it inspired a lot of parents to share their own tales of struggling with their kids.

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We've collected some of the most hilarious Tweets from moms and dads around the world. So, scroll down to check out these hilarious parenting tweets about the unforgiving memories of children. Let's enjoy!!


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