20 Seemingly Harmless Things Men Do That Make Women Really Angry

Charming men are hard to come by. For one, it is hard for a man to act in front of woman - especially when they are distracted by their beauty. So they will act out in ways that are just hard to accept.
These  are words and acts done by men that unconsciously make women really angry by just how offensive they are...and they don't even know that they are being offensive. Without further a due, here are 20 seemingly harmless things men do that infuriate most women to no end. If you find this content interesting, hilarious or helpful in general, don't forget to share it on your social media and follow our website.

#1 “You’re cute when you’re mad”-u/ancientamber

#2 “For being a girl you’re surprisingly really good at doing ____”.-u/Sienna-hart

#3 That's not very ladylike.-u/0hbryan

#4 Making us prove we are knowledgeable whenever we like something that is traditionally "masculine".I like soccer and one of my colleagues quizzed me on how many players are supposed to be on the field during a game. Not in a billion years would he have done that to another man. Still pisses me off up to this day.-u/Poppiiiiiiiiies

#5 Picking fights with people so you can demonstrate that you are a True Alpha Male.-u/Bizarre_Protuberance

#6 Catcalling, apparently. In highschool I got into a really heated argument with a boyfriend because he insisted that women "usually appreciate the compliment." Several other girls jumped in to back me up and he still tried to tell us that we were wrong. It was one of the most frustrating arguments I've ever had.-u/Delicious-Carpet-3

#7 Talking over us. There is a guy in my history class who constantly interrupts me just to repeat what I’ve already said with bigger words that he’s using wrong. The teacher lets him do it and loves having him in class. Also anytime the teacher asks something about life (for example would you still eat chicken if you had to kill it yourself) he goes “girls? would you?” acting like it would be more difficult for us.-u/24_monkeys

#8 Once had a guy in college tell me I’d be really hot if I put some effort in the morning. 8 am class and I was a bartender with a bf. 100% dgaf about trying to turn you on, bro.-u/Smartwentcrazy89

#9 Calling them "baby" and "sweetheart" like immediately after meeting. Ugh, that is such a cringey thing to do when they aren't even aware of what your first name is.-u/DizzyZygote

#10 “Calm down” when you have any reaction…even just raising my eyebrows. I am calm. But it’s okay when you get mad and punch a wall…-u/Shahmaan

#11 Saying "it must be that time of the month"-u/Lawgics

#12 At my former job, I worked with a lot of volunteers, so people were being very familiar with each other. That was fine, but the amount of men who wanted to rub my shoulders without asking was insane. Why, why would you just grab people you don't really know like that? And keep trying to do it after I tell you I don't like it?-u/theswamphag

#13 "You're too pretty to work this job." I heard this constantly from male patients when I was a paramedic. I was the youngest paramedic they had and I was one of the few women. IT ISN'T A COMPLIMENT YOU TWAT. I WORKED REALLY HARD TO GET THERE.-u/1Small_Pink_Camel

#14 There was a situation where I was picking up furniture together with my partner and my father when the guy who runs that place came up to my dad smirking and asking if I had a sister - knowing that I could hear it. That dude was at least over 50. That was so weird and unnecessary. Just wrong. He was that kind of guy who would label everything as a “compliment” or “locker room talk”.-u/introverting_vibes

#15 Being told to smile. Instant rage.-u/AuroraCloudberry

#16 Insulting other women’s bodies in front of us.I’ve had men do this around me thinking it’ll boost my self-esteem if they insult factors of another woman’s appearance that I don’t have, for example by bullying small chested, older or larger women. All it does is put me in competition with others and makes me realize that if my physical traits were different, this man probably wouldn’t respect me half as much, or that I’ll be less attractive to him if my appearance changes. It makes me feel like a commodity, puts pressure on me and just makes the relationship feel very surface level. I don’t care if your ex is now a ‘fat cow’, keep it to yourself.-u/stagsinthehospice

#17 Do not f*cking touch my waist or hips and excuse it by saying “just trying to scoot by”Use your words if you need to walk behind me. You wouldn’t do this to a man. I know what you’re doing. It’s not clever.-u/superfruitballs

#18 Monday: "Make me a sandwich ha ha ha "Tuesday: "Make me a sandwich ha ha ha"Wednesday: "Make me a sandwich ha ha ha"Thursday: "Make me a sandwich ha ha ha"Friday: "Make me a sandwich ha ha ha"Saturday: "Make me a sandwich ha ha ha"And on Sunday he rested to opine about how women just aren't as funny as men-u/mylatestphase

#19 “Shouldn’t you be watching your figure?” When we’re eating sweets.F*ck. Off.-u/Passive_Southerner

#20 Honking or yelling out of your car window when I am walking, pumping gas, etc. Would be nice to do basic activities in peace.-u/teenager-from-mars

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