10+ Genius Beauty Hacks Royal Women Use To Look Flawless In Any Situation

The female representatives of the British Royal Family are royal, but they are not superhuman. However, because of receiving the attention of millions of people, they simply have no room for error. Therefore, in order to always look flawless, Meghan Merkle, Kate Middleton, and other members of the British royal family have relied on their own beauty wits to look like total perfection every time they make an appearance. During formal events, Kate Middleton wears anti-slip tights with barely visible gel non-slip grips, whereas Meghan Markle favors bodysuit tops over normal shirts.

We have collected some of the lifehacks that female members of the British Royal Family use, and they are so interesting and helpful. Scroll down to check them out. And we hope that these tricks can help you to always look flawless. And feel free to share with us your own beauty hacks in the comment section below.

#1. A low bun during the daytime, and natural waves in the evening

Source: James Whatling / MEGA / Mega Agency / East News

Meghan Markle's preferred hairdo is a messy low bun. The bun complements headgear and doesn't draw attention away from the Duchess's attire. The bun's biggest advantage is that it can easily be transformed into a wavy style in the evening. To obtain smooth, graceful waves, she only needs to unwind it. Hair in a bun is also less likely to be damaged during the day.

#2. Gel non-slip grips

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Ladies are not permitted to wear bare legs according to royal custom. As a result, at ceremonial events, Kate Middleton always wears the finest nylon tights. Catherine wears anti-slip tights with unique gel non-slip grips to keep her shoes from falling off her feet.

#3. A hairnet


Unlike Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton prefers neat haircuts. And she uses a little trick to maintain her hairdos in excellent shape throughout the day. Hairnets are barely visible evident for the future queen.

#4. A toothbrush to tame flyaways

Source: MEGA / Mega Agency / East News

Many females are concerned about flyaways and frizz. Meghan Markle, on the other hand, appears to have discovered a fantastic solution. The curly hair around Prince Harry's brow is styled with a toothbrush and ordinary hairspray. “For my flyaways, I spray hairspray on a small boar bristle toothbrush (a regular toothbrush also works great) to lightly brush them down or smooth the hairline — this is especially good for a sleek bun when I’m off-camera.” she previously stated.

#5. Underwear that increases static

Source: James Whatling / MEGA / Mega Agency / East News

Underwear that boosts static is another excellent technique to tackle clothes that flies up. The cloth adheres to the body in this manner, reducing the risk of accidental public exposure.

#6. A bodysuit instead of a blouse

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Bodysuits are Meghan Markle's preferred choice above normal blouses and shirts. They're practical, they don't wrinkle, and they make every outfit seem polished. Most significantly, wearing a bodysuit, Meghan Markle won't have to worry about her blouse slipping off.

#7. Shoes that are one size too big

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Meghan Markle always chooses shoes that are a size or two larger than she needs. Blisters and pain can be avoided by wearing larger shoes. Gel inserts and cushions are used to keep your feet from slipping out of them. Meghan Markle is said to have picked up this lifehack from her former fellow stars. This hack is well-known among celebrities who must wear high-heeled shoes for long periods of time.

#8. A dress with a secret

Source: James Whatling / Mega Agency / East News

The Royal Family's ladies frequently appear in public wearing garments made of lightweight fabric. Small weights, sometimes known as curtain weights, are used to keep the hems of their skirts from rising in strong winds. Weights are said to be a favorite of the Queen and she wears them in practically all of her outfits, from skirts to coats.

#9. A hidden comb

Source: John Shelley Collection / Photoshot / East News

No royal outfit can be complete without an elegant hat. A specific comb is attached to these pieces to ensure they never move. This lifehack is said to have been used frequently by Princess Diana.

#10. The secret of the tiara

Source: Tim Graham / Contributor / Gettyimages

Another little secret of Princess Diana was the barely visible braid she'd weave around the base of her tiara. Many royals still use soft headbands and unique elastic bands that conform to their heads. These accessories aid in the securement of valuable jewels on the head and the avoidance of pain when wearing a heavy tiara for long periods of time. Diana, on the other hand, took the royal lifehack to a new level by having the tiara's base wrapped in colored velvet that matched her hair— she had brighter and darker hues custom-matched to blend in perfectly.

#11. Queen Elizabeth II and her gloves

Source: HUSSEIN ANWAR / SIPA / East News

The Queen's look is incomplete without her gloves. They are not, however, merely an adornment for Elizabeth II. They provide a vital practical purpose. The Queen must shake hands with numerous people during official occasions, thus the gloves protect her hands from dirt and germs.
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