14 Actors And Actresses Who Completely Transformed For Movie Roles

Acting is among the most challenging careers that people pursue, it requires a lot of hard work and commitment. Sometimes, actors have to transform their looks to take on their characters. They frequently wear makeup when filming. But the makeup alone isn’t enough and they need to change their appearance to fit in the roles they play. 
Many actors in Hollywood have undergone a drastic transformation to convince their characters. Some actors had to starve themself in a really short time. Chris Pratt, for instance, had to lose so much weight and pump up his muscles for Guardians of the Galaxy within 6 months. He starved in extreme conditions to get that perfect look. Some had to gain a lot of weight for their roles’ requirements. Jared Leto in the 2007 Chapter 27 movie is an example. The actor gained 67 pounds to play his character, Mark Chapman.
Actors have sacrificed themself to play brilliantly the characters in movies. And here is a list of actors and actresses who have transformed themselves into movie roles.

#1 Charlize Theron gained 50 pounds for her leading part in Tully.

Source: ©charlizeafrica / Instagram© Tully / Bron Studios

#2 Jennifer Aniston put on weight for Cake.

Source: © She's funny That Way / Lionsgate Premiere, © Cake / Cinelou Films

#3 Hugh Jackman had to lose 33 lb for Les Misérables and then gain muscle mass for The Wolverine.

Source: © Real Steel / DreamWorks SKG© Les Misérables / Universal Pictures© The Wolverine / 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

#4 Matt Damon gained 30 lb for The Informant!

Source: © The Bourne Ultimatum / Universal Pictures© The Informant! / Warner Bros. Pictures

#5 Christian Bale had to gain 45 lb for his part in Vice.

Source: © Knight of Cups / FilmNation Entertainment© Vice / Annapurna Pictures

#6 Colin Farrell put on more than 45 lb for his part in The Lobster.

Source: © Solace / FilmNation Entertainment© The Lobster / Film4

#7 Chris Pratt slimmed down and got pumped up for Guardians of the Galaxy.

Source: © Parks and Recreation / NBC© Guardians of the Galaxy / Marvel Studios Inc.

#8 Adam Driver lost 50 lb for his part in Silence.

Source: © Paterson / Amazon Studios© Silence / Emmett/Furla Films

#9 Matt Damon gained 30 lb for The Informant!

Source: © The Bourne Ultimatum / Universal Pictures© The Informant! / Warner Bros. Pictures

#10 Anne Hathaway lost 24 lb for her part in Les Misérables.

Source: © One Day / Film4© Les Misérables / Universal Pictures

#11 James McAvoy became way more massive for Glass.

Source: © Submergence / Morena Films S.L.© Glass / Universal Pictures

#12 Chris Hemsworth had to lose 33 lb for his part in In the Heart of the Sea and then get back his muscle mass for Thor: Ragnarok.

Source: © Vacation / New Line Cinema© chrishemsworth / Instagram© Thor: Ragnarok / Marvel Studios Inc.

#13 Jake Gyllenhaal lost 22 lb for Nightcrawler and then pumped up for Southpaw.

Source: © Enemy / Entertainment One, © Nightcrawler / Bold Films© Southpaw / Escape Artists

#14 Jonah Hill lost weight for Maniac.

Source: © War Dogs / RatPac Entertainment© Maniac / Paramount Television

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