Why Makeups For Men Are No Longer A Gender-based Taboo

Makeups for men have been all the rave lately. And I’m not talking about the dark emo dudes. From lip balm to eye shadow, to foundation and fake eyelashes, more men are putting on makeup every day.
Men's makeups still feel taboo in many cultures; they are correlated with effeminate. But with the need for men grooming increasing, we are seeing more men with makeup. I mean, take a look at social media. Male makeup artists like James Charles and Jeffree Starr are leading the charge for beauty influencers, with their own makeup brands.
The truth is, makeup is no longer female exclusive. More men are putting on makeup, to look good, and even feel good. So, how do men's makeup stops being a new trend for posers and self-absorb men? Take a look at the history of men's makeup and the trend for it right here.

#1 Men have been using makeup for thousands of years

Source: Pharaoh Tutankhamun, © EAST NEWS

Yes. Men wear makeup. Have been for some time now. Scientific research has proven that, in Ancient Egypt, men often apply oils and fats to their skin to protect it against the harsh sunlight and punishing heat. Upperclassmen will even line their eyes as a symbol of status with black kohl.
The Romans, under the influence of their conquerors the Egyptians, also groom themselves. They steer away from makeup, but instead wear perfume, whiten the face, and remove body hair.
Even during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, men also powder their faces. Japanese male kabuki actors also wear heavy makeup, reddening their lips and blackening their eyes on their heavily white powdered faces.

#2 Modern times will also see Hollywood actors wear makeup to highlight their beauty.

Source: Hollywood actor Clark Gable, © EAST NEWS

Until recently, the only men that wear makeup are often artists and musicians for aesthetics. So what changes?

#3 More male beauty products appearing on the market.

Source: © abeMUE / Reddit

Until the last decade, there aren’t a lot of makeup for men. At best, there are men grooming products only.
But things are changing; the men's makeup industry is a booming sector. For men, women's makeup might feel a taboo, but men's makeup, something that is inherently masculine, isn’t. That’s why more companies are manufacturing male cosmetics and are selling these beauty products at men’s beauty counters in their stores.
With more options, more men are willing to explore makeup. Even big brands are developing makeups exclusively for men. Chanel's Boy De Chanel line, for example, includes a wide range of cosmetics and skincare products for guys, such as moisturizer, foundation, concealer, eye pencils, lip balm, and nail polish for a natural look.

#4 And there are more male beauty influencers

Source: © Noam Galai / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

More people are breaking out of their stereotypes, and proving that men's makeup artists are just as good as women. Genders are irrelevant when it comes to making up with the rise of Manny Gutierrez, Jake-Jamie, Gabriel Zamora, and James Charles.
With their channels, these makeup artists encourage people to embrace their creativity, transforming into a variety of looks. But also, they tell people to just be confident with their looks, and not be afraid of stereotypes and stigmas that come with wearing makeup.
Well, here are a collection of male makeup artists to show you that when it comes to makeup, men can be just as good as women.

#5 Manny Gutierrez

Source: mannymua733

#6 Jack Emory

Source: itsjustsire

#7 Gabriel Zamora

Source: gabrielzamora

#8 Jake-Jamie

Source: jakejamie

#9 Bretman Rock

Source: bretmanrock

#10 Manny Gutierrez

Source: mannymua733

#11 Jake-Jamie

Source: jakejamie

#12 Manny Gutierrez

Source: mannymua733

#13 Alex Faction

Source: alexfaction

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