7 Weirdest First Date Stories Of Celebrities You Never Heard Before

Even the most renowned people have suffered through at least one truly awful first date. They go through the same emotional ups and downs, butterflies, and, yes, awkward first dates that the rest of us do.

The collection of celebrities’ open and charming recollections of their first dates presented in this article will provide solace and amusement. These examples bring home the point that we are all just individuals, regardless of the degree of success and recognition any of us may have achieved.

1. Charlize Theron

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Charlize Theron said that her dinner date was great and that things were swimmingly. While he was driving her home, she let him know she was interested in a kiss. Unexpectedly, he pulled away from their kiss and said, “Make out with my nose.”

2. Andie MacDowell

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Andie MacDowell’s kid offered her mother great praise while unintentionally insulting her date as she tried to get back out there after her divorce. She told her mother, “Mom, he is too old for you,” before he arrived.

3. Mindy Kaling

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She added, “The worst date I’ve ever gone on was with a man who I was extremely thrilled about, really attracted to, and then during the date, it became evident that it wasn’t a dating.”

4. Kelly Clarkson

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Clarkson revealed her date’s insecurity over his height during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I’m 5’3, and he was 5’2. To be honest, that didn’t phase me at all because I went on a date with you. But for an hour straight, he droned on about how tall he was. For an entire hour, I was able to hold out. And then I went to the restroom, and I left; I couldn’t handle it,” she chuckled.

5. Christina Milian

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Singer Christina Milian has opened up about having dated a man with “awful breath.” This is the worst-case scenario. The elevator, the vehicle, everything smelled like his breath. Not even chewing gum helped.

6. Justin Bieber

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To paraphrase, “I was on a date at King’s Buffet. Justin Bieber said, “I bought spaghetti and meatballs, which wasn’t a wise thing to do.” I made a huge mess of myself. The breakup permanently ended our relationship.

7. Lucy Hale

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Lucy saw that her date was constantly checking and responding to texts. He had no idea she could see his phone screen. “He was really sending love text messages to another female,” the actress revealed.