7 Roles That Brought Nothing But Problems & Criticism To Actors

Most actors and actresses experience ups and downs in their careers. Some jobs turn them into superstars, and others bring a lot of criticism. Unfortunately, this does force some celebrities to temporarily or permanently step away from the film industry. It's incredible, but the best job someone has ever had could be the one that kills their career.
We often reflected on film and TV roles that were notoriously difficult. Also included is a supplementary story about an actress who, by voicing a character, effectively ended her career in film.

1. Angelina Jolie, Eternals

Source: Eternals

Angelina Jolie's movies are usually hit. Marvel movies are box-office hits. Angelina Jolie in a Marvel movie never disappoints. Eternals disproved it. 2021 was Marvel's worst film. Boring, underdeveloped, said critics. Jolie was criticized. Viewers said she acted badly and likely regretted it. The actress no longer acts; she directs. The press says her acting peak is over. We'll see if she regains popularity. Jolie's latest film is Eternals.

2. Jessica Alba, An Invisible Sign

Source: An Invisible Sign

Jessica Alba's stardom skyrocketed at the turn of the millennium. She appeared in a wide variety of comedic and action films. But suddenly, she was no longer in the news. She had a string of flops toward the end of the 2000s. Among them was "An Invisible Sign," panned by critics at 100%. Despite many people being responsible for the film's failure, Alba was held primarily responsible. After that, she stopped working on so many things.

3. Michael Bakari Jordan, Black Panther

Source: Black Panther

In the Marvel universe, Michael Bakari Jordan is that rare breed of villain who manages to win over the audience's sympathy. The performer effectively portrayed a multidimensional character with a complex backstory and driving goals. He paid a high price, though. Portraying Black Panther's sworn nemesis was no picnic for him. After it, he experienced serious mental health issues and needed therapy.
A dark, lonely, and painful character is something Jordan has never experienced while inhabiting another persona. As I emerged from it, I thought, "Oh yes, business as usual. Go back to your house, shave your head, and life will be normal again.

4. January Jones, X-Men: First Class

Source: X-Men: First Class

The actress who played Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class took a lot of heat after the film was released. Her coworkers were unanimous in their advice that she go back to focusing on television dramas.
Reports of a romantic relationship between January Jones and the film's director, Matthew Vaughn, added fuel to the fire. Her subsequent film career was limited, with her final film appearing in 2014. After a long absence, Jones finally makes his way back to the silver screen. She has been cast in a Nick Cassavetes-directed crime drama.

5. Madonna, Die Another Day

Source: Die Another Day

Madonna tried acting after her musical career became a global phenomenon. Notable roles include Evita and Desperately Seeking Susan. But a string of two poor performances in 2002 derailed her career. The actress's work in Guy Ritchie's Swept Away and Die Another Day earned her two Golden Raspberries.
The media and the general public agreed that Madonna was a poor performer on the silver screen and that she should return to her musical roots. True enough, she followed through. She has made a few more brief appearances on screen since then, but they have all been in episodes or cameo roles.

6. Jared Leto, Morbius

Source: Morbius

One of 2022's biggest bombs was Morbius. It did well at the box office despite much criticism. And there was much disapproval of Jared Leto's performance. The movie may have bombed, but it still became an internet sensation and meme. The producers thought they would be doing themselves a favor by re-releasing Morbius in theaters. The audience wasn't impressed yet again. But Jared Leto means business, so he'll be in the sequel. It could turn out better, maybe.

7. Camila Cabello, Cinderella

Source: Cinderella

It didn't take long for Camila Cabello to rise to international stardom. She was a member of Fifth Harmony, arguably the most popular girl group in history. Later, she decided to go it alone as a performer and found renewed popularity. Her music reached number one on the charts in many nations, including the United States, Great Britain, and Canada. Her first film appearance was in 2021. The failure of her debut part has derailed her career.
Fans and critics alike panned Disney's take on Cinderella. She sang beautifully, but her acting left a lot to be desired. Her persona was dull and erratic. Camila Cabello continued her music career after this job. As an aside, she'll serve as a judge on the upcoming "The Voice" season in the United States.
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