7 Most Embarrassing Stories When Celebrities Get Drunk

Similarly to the rest of us regular joes, celebrities sometimes become utterly intoxicated and do pretty horrific things while in that state. Okay, so they’re not quite human, but neither are they completely alien. The drinking establishments frequented by these gentlemen are far fancier than those we’re used to. And the celebrities they are imbibing with are far more well-known than our circle of friends. However, due to the existence of the internet and interviews, we have access to a plethora of drunken celebrity moments.

These celebrities have immortalized their hilarious anecdotes about celebrity drinking in interviews with talk show hosts and magazines. Have you ever wondered how the other half of the population imbibes? See whether any of the examples that follow fit the bill.

1. Pink

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P!nk drank herself into a state of confidence before she could get the nerve to ask Eminem to work with her. She divulged her musically inspired wine pounding to Entertainment Weekly. She and producer Max Martin had already been drinking, but she felt one more wouldn’t harm.

My email to [Eminem] read: […] That’s why it’s referred to as “liquid bravery.” And I told her, “You know I love you. The fact that you and I share a number of collaborators, like Rihanna, is a plus. I may be funnier than her, but she’s hotter. So, I’m aiming for the rap equivalent of the Grammys, and I’d want to bring you along for the ride. I sent him a long email and he responded soon away with a simple “Okay.”

2. Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence has been known to tell a few tales about her drinking and partying ways, but she let loose at an Oscars after-party, drawing the wrath of a drug-obsessed Miley Cyrus.

“Not even after an Academy Award or Golden Globe ceremony have I ever gone out. By that time, I’m just so beyond having to deal with other people. Now, though, I just said, “I’m going out.” To make a long story short, I threw up everywhere. You’ve need to be somebody significant to get invited to the large party hosted by Guy Oseary and Madonna. And I threw up on his front step. I was in a terrible state, and then I turned around and saw Miley Cyrus giving me the “Get it together” look.”

3. Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift is embracing her new, vindictive persona, but she already had a crazy narrative to tell before the release of her album, Reputation. Swift and Ed Sheeran told a wild party story involving Mark Ronson and the cops during an interview on BBC Radio 1 in 2015.

That upped our cool quotient. We were forced to take refuge in the stall. Ed and I were snatched up when the police arrived, and I yelled at them. ‘Join me,’ Who would have guessed that I would be the one who knows how to get you away from the police?

4. Emma Stone

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There are cases in which alcohol use results in substantial physical injury. Stone appeared on the 40th-anniversary episode of “Saturday Night Live” and made a fool of himself while dancing under the influence of alcohol. She discussed the incident on the Tonight Show, saying:

“I was dancing and didn’t see I’d walked on a shard of glass. Then I looked down and saw that my foot was gushing blood. When I got down to figure out next steps, I was left wondering, “What do we do?” Then someone asked whether I wanted to join Prince onstage, and I enthusiastically said, “Yes!” I turned around, and they grabbed me a minute later!

5. Leighton Meester

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In 2011, Leighton Meester told Allure magazine about her wilder days. She mentioned a bash where Gossip Girl would have spread rumors about her all across town: One of my roommates burnt off her bangs on the stove while trying to light a cigarette during one of these wild parties, which had DJs, musicians, an ice luge, and a fire twirler.

6. Amy Schumer

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Amy Schumer appeared on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show to talk about the night she blacked out at Jake Gyllenhaal’s place. Schumer and her sister rented the condo then, so Gyllenhaal wasn’t there. But she went through his belongings when he was out of the house.

Of course I did… everything; the only item he left was an old frozen cake in his freezer, and that was only because he completely stripped the property. And then I’d drink and eat it and act as if we were both at the party where it was served, just chatting along as if he were really there,”

7. Khloé Kardashian

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To put it bluntly, Khloe Kardashian and her family know how to throw a massive bash. For Kendall Jenner’s 21st birthday, the Kardashians went all out, getting her so drunk that she failed to see her gift of a costly automobile. Khloe said on Jimmy Kimmel Live that they had gotten Kendall drunk:

As the saying goes, “we celebrated like crazy.” My mother, Kris Jenner, was riling us up by saying things like, “Come on, Kourt and Khlo” and we were like, “What the hell is going on?” As we exit the building, we see a guy and a Rolls Royce waiting for us.

What the heck is this thing that you’re giving me? Who would you rather have, the person or the vehicle? Seriously, I didn’t know what to think. Do we even know who this person is? I thought to myself as he casually handed Kendall the keys to the car. What a prince! Her reaction was “Oh, my God.” What happened to my automobile I bought last night? […] She was that inebriated. On her 21st birthday, she got completely hammered.