7 Actors Who Had To Suffer The Most Terrible Costumes While Filming

The appropriate clothes may truly help a movie character come to life on the big screen. Every actor and actress eagerly anticipates the first time they don their character's costume and fully immerse themselves in the role they are playing. Yet, renowned individuals don't always seem comfortable wearing these kinds of clothes. In this scenario, individuals are forced to spend hours in the fitting room and maybe weeks or months wearing unpleasant apparel that does not fit properly.

1. Angelina Jolie

Source: Maleficent

It was no simple task to transform the beautiful Angelina Jolie into the villainous Maleficent. Daily, she required 2.5 hours of work from the cosmetics crew, even though the actress admits she lacks the patience of a saint. Jolie used an artificial nose, cheekbones, and ears to project an imposing, otherworldly image. Both her spectacles and fangs have to be white.

2. Ralph Fiennes

Source: Harry Potter

The actor shudders at the thought of wearing the Dark Lord's makeup and outfit again. Ralph Fiennes had trouble walking with the grace and ease that Voldemort was supposed to have because he kept tripping over the costume, and his tights were coming undone. Fiennes eventually became impatient and demanded action from the costume department. The issue was immediately remedied by chopping off the tops of the tights, and transforming them into stockings.

3. Brie Larson

Source: Captain Marvel

Brie Larson stated that she was uncomfortable in her attire. Dressing her would take two helpers thirty minutes since she needed their assistance. Using the restroom was a major hassle when dressed like that. A group of five persons was there to assist Larson.

4. Helena Bonham Carter

Source: Planet of the Apes

The actress had to check in a mirror to see precisely where her mouth was behind the mask so that she wouldn't accidentally destroy the makeup when eating or drinking while in character. However, Carter had difficulty acting in this outfit since the makeup and rubber restricted her ability to convey her feelings. In addition, the oversized ears prevented her from picking up the voices of her coworkers.

5. Christina Ricci

Source: Penelope

Applying the false nose on Christina Ricci's face took the cosmetic artist almost 1.5 hours. The actress was unable to speak during the procedure. Her usual hair and cosmetics were then applied after that.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow

Source: Shallow Hal

To wear a costume is to feel horrible on the inside as much as outward. Actors can face emotional distress on occasion. Gwyneth Paltrow has felt the discomfort that many obese individuals face. Paltrow said, "The first day I tried on the fat suit, I strolled across the lobby of the Tribeca Grand." Oh, the tragedy. It was quite unsettling. Because of my weight, people avoided making eye contact with me. Others were very rude and condescending, making me feel small and ashamed.

7. Oscar Isaac

Source: X-Men: Apocalypse

Producer and screenwriter Simon Kinberg said, "we wanted him to have that sort of old, legendary God-like appearance to him" while designing Oscar Isaac's outfit. There were 13 3D-printed moving parts in all. Because of the thick clothing, Isaac frequently overheated and needed to use a cooling device. In his own words, the actor once described his routine as "doing some acting and then going to my tent and trying to breathe and not freak out because perspiration was running into my ears and I couldn't touch them."
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