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7 Actors Who Cuckolded Their Wives With Nannies

Having a successful relationship in Hollywood isn’t always easy; we’ve seen many famous couples, even those who seemed destined for one other, break up in front of our eyes. When a celebrity couple breaks up, it’s not always because one partner cheated on the other with their assistant or a publicist. Yes, it’s awkward, but remember, this is life.

If you think about it, that does make sense. Because of the time nannies spend in their clients’ homes, and with their children, it’s easy to understand how they may develop unhealthy levels of familiarity and trust. Though occasionally everyone is happy on the other side of a difficult circumstance, watching it force a family to break apart is always sad.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Affair with Arnold’s maid and nanny, Mildred Beana, in the 1990s made news in 2011 when it was revealed that the actor had been having an affair with Beana. Beana gave birth to Schwarzenegger’s kid as a result of their connection. Since the news emerged, he and his wife, Maria Shriver, have been living apart.

2. Ben Affleck

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Ben Affleck has disputed that his divorce from Jenifer Garner in 2015 was caused by an extramarital affair with their children’s nanny, Christine Ouzounian.

3. Robin Williams

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When Robin Williams hired Marsha Garces to take care of their kid, he was already married to Valerie Velardi. He separated from Valardi in 1988 and wed Garces the following year.

4. Jude Law

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Jude Law and Sienna Miller were the “it” couple in Britain in 2005. Everything changed as soon as the truth came out that Law had been cheating on his engagement with his children’s babysitter, Daisy Wright. For the hurt I’ve caused Sienna and our families, I want to apologize publicly,” he stated.

5. Mick Jagger

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“I don’t know what triggered it, but all of a sudden Mick was running his fingers through my hair, and I found it rather pleasant. Moments later, we were embracing. As he did so, he yanked down my jogging pants and hauled me onto the breakfast bar. After that intense kiss, my mind was whirling. When I opened my eyes, he was making out with me “when Mick Jagger was married to Jerry Hall, his nanny, Claire Houseman, had an affair with him, she told the press.

6. Rob Lowe

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Ex-nanny Jessica Gibson accused Parks and Recreation star Rob Lowe of groping and harassing her sexually throughout their time together. After some time, the court decided to drop the lawsuit.

7. Ethan Hawke

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In 2005, it was found that Ethan Hawke had been having an affair with the couple’s nanny, Ryan Shawhughes, putting an end to his nine-year romance with Uma Thurman. Wed in 2008, Hawke and Shawhughes have been a happy couple ever since.