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  1. Katharine Hepburn’s mother: Katharine Martha Houghton Hepburn
  2. Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s father: Bruce Jenner
  3. Glenn Close’s father: Dr. William Close
  4. Lenny Kravitz mother: Roxie Roker
  5. Jack Black’s mother: Judith Love Cohen
  6. Hugh Laurie’s father: Ran Laurie

7 A-listers Whose Parents Made History Before They Had Star Children

Imagine a world where talent runs in the family, where greatness is passed down through generations. It's a fascinating aspect of stardom that often goes unnoticed – the lineage of A-list celebrities whose parents had already made their mark in history before their star children came into the spotlight. From Hollywood icons to music legends, this captivating phenomenon showcases the powerful combination of extraordinary genes and rich heritage.

Celebrities who inherited their talent from their accomplished parents were shaped by their famous lineage and how their parents' remarkable achievements laid the foundation for their own rise to stardom. Prepare to be amazed as we explore the fascinating stories behind these renowned figures, delving into their family histories and uncovering the secrets behind their extraordinary success. Indeed, the connections between some of your favorite stars and their historical legacy flow through their veins. Let's scroll down to be enthralled by the tales of these exceptional individuals and the extraordinary parents who came before them.


#1. Katharine Hepburn’s mother: Katharine Martha Houghton Hepburn

An iconic figure of old Hollywood, Katherine Hepburn is undoubtedly well-known. This renowned actress, who was nominated for several Oscars and ended up winning four, found her inspiration in her mother.

She is Katharine Martha Houghton Hepburn who was an early 20th-century feminist role model, suffragette, and leader of the birth control movement.


She had a strong belief in the equality of women from an early age. Hepburn's mother earned a bachelor's degree in political science and history in 1899 and spent the rest of her life advancing women's rights. She rose to prominence as one of Connecticut's most heroic suffragettes.

She co-founded the Birth Control League of America with Margaret Sanger, which is now known as Planned Parenthood and is the oldest and biggest voluntary family planning organization in the country.


#2. Kylie and Kendall Jenner’s father: Bruce Jenner

Before joining the Kardashian family and having Kylie and Kendall Jenner with his then-wife Kris Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner, now known as Bruce Jenner, was a world-record-breaking athlete.

He was a well-known American decathlete who frequently competed for his nation in international and Olympic competitions.


He set a "World Record" in 1976 at the Olympics in Montreal by scoring 8,618 points.

In addition to leaving a lasting legacy with his outstanding performances, he made sports history by coming out as transgender in 2015.


#3. Glenn Close’s father: Dr. William Close

Glenn Close, a well-known actress best known for playing Cruella de Vil in the 1996 animated feature 101 Dalmatians, is the daughter of one of the most significant physicians of the 1970s. In Central Africa, the Ebola hemorrhagic fever outbreak was put to an end by her father, Dr. William Taliaferro Close.

When it started to spread in regions of Africa in 1976, he was in charge of organizing the efforts to contain it and came up with a strategy that stopped its rapid spread, saving thousands of lives. Additionally, Dr. Close was Mobutu Sese Seko's personal physician in Zaire.


#4. Lenny Kravitz mother: Roxie Roker

Source: Vinnie Zuffante

Lenny Kravitz, a gifted musician, and producer, was raised by a strong woman who established herself at a time when racism was prevalent in both society and the Entertainment business. In The Jeffersons with Franklin Cover, Roxie Rocker, an African-Bahamian-American actress, became the first person to portray an interracial couple on television.

She worked for her community in addition to breaking into Hollywood. She took part in campaigns in support of children's rights and proved to the entire nation that talent knows no racial bounds.


#5. Jack Black’s mother: Judith Love Cohen

Modern-day heroes like Jack Black's mother remind us that anything is possible, and it's even possible to save the world while giving birth to the next big Hollywood star. Aerospace engineer Judith Love Cohen worked for NASA. She worked as an electrical engineer on aerospace projects for the TRW company and the Hubble Space Telescope because she had a strong passion for math and science.

Her most outstanding tale, though, was about Jack Black's birth. She left the office on August 28, 1969, to go to the hospital, but she stopped along the way to gather the paperwork she was working on. Later that day, she found a solution with the Abort-Guidance System, the crucial master plan for the crew's safe return and the astronauts' rescue from Apollo 13. Just before giving birth, all of this.


#6. Hugh Laurie’s father: Ran Laurie

Hugh Laurie established himself as an actor in his most well-known part as Dr. House. And we could speculate that his father Ran Laurie served as his most significant source of inspiration for his portrayal of a doctor.

He was a doctor by profession, but Ran's success as a rower helped him make history. He won several rowing competitions in 1930, and in 1948, he and his partner Jack Wilson competed in the London Olympics and won gold for their home nation.

Do your parents have any exciting tales to share about life before you were born? Could you share it with us?

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