Women Share How Differently They Are Treated When They Wear Makeup Vs. When They Don't

A whopping 44 percent of American women refuse to leave their homes without wearing makeup. So, why do women put on makeup so frequently? There are many reasons for this. Simply put, women tend to use makeup to appear more attractive, which boosts their confidence. Women believe that if they show their natural, untouched faces, they won’t be able to achieve those things, and would be treated differently as a result. That fear drives them to apply makeup every day.
A question was recently asked on Quora: "How do you get treated when wearing makeup vs. when you're not?". The post was soon bombarded with a lot of responses that are about the difference in how people treat them based on their makeup. Here are some of the most interesting stories, scroll down to check them out yourselves. We are sure that you will get how important makeup is to women.


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