Fill Your Heart With 25 Heartwarming Moments Pets Realized They Found Their Forever Home

We believe that all pets deserve to be loved and have a happy life with a loving family. Sadly, there are many pets are abandoned because their owners can no longer afford to take care of them. Therefore, animal shelters are always full of dogs and cats that are in need of forever homes. We feel sorry for these poor pets, but we are happy to know that there are still good people who are willing to help them and give them a second chance at a new life.
So to celebrate pets and their new owners, we have collected some of the most heartwarming photos of pets enjoying their happy life with their beloved humans. From kitties and puppies to senior cats and dogs, they finally find their forever home after going through difficulties in the past. We hope that seeing these little animals being adopted and loved will put a smile on your face. If you don't believe it, scroll down to check for yourself!

#1 On the way home from the rescue group ~3 months old to 12 months old this week!

Source: Reddit

#2 When I first adopted Bug he would only sleep on the opposite end of the couch. Now he has no concept of personal space.

Source: ldybug263

#3 Coming from an abusive household, Lily didn’t have toys, so she takes very good care of her toys now.

Source: Deesing82

#4 We adopted Mango 3 weeks ago. This is how she sleeps on her dad.

Source: kooriwi

#5 Transformation Tuesday: a photo of my ginger girl when we first found her and how she looks like now. Adoption saves lives

Source: stateofsonder_

#6 From broken legs to long legs.

Source: Critical-Cupcake-912

#7 We adopted Gus Gus yesterday, who is a perfectly happy and healthy pirate cat.

Source: macincos

#8 I adopted Pepper on Tuesday. This is the ride home.

Source: julesinlrar

#9 Before adoption and 5 months later! Adopt when you can, so worthwhile.

Source: Reddit

#10 This is my quarantine cat, Ahsoka.

Source: jamsax1

"I adopted her to help manage her anxiety and prevent her going to the humane society. I was told she would hide all day and generally avoid people. After about 3 hours of being at my place I felt a tapping on my arm."

#11 I have been alone for a while now, so I adopted a new best friend. Meet Ping.

Source: MasterKruse

#12 Something tells me I’m about to be adopted.

Source: gangbangkrang

#13 ‘Lobito’ at the animal shelter in Feb. Bottom: ‘Cooper’ on a hike today with me and da’ wife.

Source: MisterMehMehMeh

#14 We Just rescued this left alone cat, he instantly fell asleep when we Got back

Source: siminsu

#15 Adoption saves lives! look at his face!

Source: ceucats

#16 The Day I Adopted Her

Source: cheshirechris28

#17 This is little Arietty, patiently waiting for me to throw her toy. I am starting to suspect that we may have adopted a doggo!

Source: ik3gdvip

#18 Brought this girl home from the shelter a week ago. Her smile says it all.

Source: epckitks

#19 We Rescued Daisy! She had been abandoned in the woods.

Source: SL-Apparel

#20 I adopted my very first kitty! Her name is Artemis and she’s the most polite cat ever!

Source: LovelyNahi

#21 Does my stray kitty look happy with his new home?

Source: fastattackSS

#22 3 newborns were found on Friday in an empty dog food bag. Who needs a baby when you can raise 3 puppies? My life currently revolves around snuggles, sleep, milk and an insane amount of poop!

Source: FunkyAssPenguin

#23 Adopted this guy three weeks ago. He spent the first two hiding under a chair and now sleeps with me every night. #Quarantinecat

Source: birdsong24

#24 After adopting our first cat everyone prepared us for a nervous and timid first few weeks, this was our sweet boy 30 minutes later.

Source: juliacodes

#25 First night home after being adopted.

Source: PixelatedStitch

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